White Slaves

White Slaves – The forgotten people

Slavery is evil & unimaginable for most of us living today in the West.  There has been a lot of publicity about slavery in the media & it does still exist today.  Some figures & statistics quoted suggest that numbers of people traded as slaves today is at the highest levels ever.  I don’t know whether this is because there are more people living on the planet than ever before, but regardless of how the statistics are massaged or presented, it is vital to remember that each & every number represents a real person. Historically slaves were either the spoils of war, or they were disposable people who were sold or bound into slavery by their own people.  It might be that slavery has less to do with race than it ever had to do with abuse of power & good old-fashioned business sense.This section limits itself to the history & stories of white slaves because of the focus of this site.  White slaves were no more important than any other slaves, but their stories have not enjoyed the same media attention as slaves from other groups.  These people should also be remembered. Wherever poverty exists, slavery is its twin.




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