Great White Tribe?

Great White Tribe?  Who and where are they?

Wiki define a “tribe” as follows:

“A tribe is viewed, historically or developmentally, as a social group existing before the development of, or outside of, states. Many people used the term “tribal society” to refer to societies organized largely on the basis of social, especially familial, descent groups”

Africa is a continent of tribes.  White Africans did exist, by this definition, and for a period of time in history developmentally outside of other states.  They had their own social and family groups.

Like all tribes, members were also individuals with their own beliefs and values.  They were made up of people who spoke many different home languages, although the vast majority spoke either English or Afrikaans either as first or a second language.  Cultures grew and thrived within these groups, and as the people adapted to life in this sunny part of the world, they developed their own medicines, remedies, cooking styles, music and lifestyle.

Different groups fought at times, often violently, but they helped each other in many ways.  Life was often hard and the climate was unkind to these people, the vast majority worked hard, and played hard.  There were the sport nuts and the party animals, the priests and the rebels, the rich and the poor.  Due to communications being slow and difficult, many of these people regarded Africa as their only country even before their children came along and married and had more children.  These things should be remembered.

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