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Virus and a Flower

Virus is everywhere. Coronavirus has gone viral in the physical, mental and emotional realms as well as in Cyberspace. It is literally everywhere. The fear and stark reality of COVID-19 has literally paused the world.

The Fight

While governments and organisations do their best to contain it, everyone is doing their bit to either fight or survive it. Don Clarke has done his bit. He is a songwriter, so he has written about it. His latest release (feat. jBoy) is called A Virus and a Flower.

The Question

Don asks, “What could be more tragic than if one day all that remained on this beautiful ball of earth was a virus and a flower?”

The Song

A Virus and a Flower doesn’t ask any questions. It lays out Don’s reality for all to consider.

Life Force

One life force governs all mechanisms in nature. Every person has their own ideas about the source and specific properties of this force, we’ve been waging war against each other over this since time began. Don calls this force Gaia. I have different ideas, but it’s his song.

Gaia, Mother Nature, or the force that governs the natural world will reduce our numbers because He/she/they must. Covid-19 is the latest manifestation of our planet hitting back at us.

The End

It is a stark song. These are apocolyptic times. The hope is that we find a way to baance our hedonistic nature and find a balance that the environment can survive.