Thank you for your Support

Thank you for you support. Your contribution means that we are able to this website going for those that are interested in a specific time and place. The site is unlikely to be able to fund itself on adverting, so your contribution is vitally important.

Any funds we receive is used for:

Hosting. We would love to upgrade the hosting we currently use to a fast plan for ease of access. Some of our readers use older devices and we want the site to load as smoothly as possible.

Domain. Our Domain is subject to annual renewal fees. If we don’t pay, we lose our space.

Tech Support. I am no expert and have learnt the bit I know through trial and error. Training costs money, and is needed from time to time, website support can be costly, and is needed when things go wrong and the free help is untrusted.

Hardware. Nothing lasts forever, as my knees have proven 🙂 Replacing hardware is something I can no longer always afford, especially the expensive sort.

Hiring: From time to time, I do need help. If funds allow, it would be great to be able to pay for this when friends cannot assist. The added advantage to this is that the site would be able to go on without me if interested remained.

Emails come in from readers from time to time. Any extra funds would be spent where it was needed – and there is a big need beyond this website.

Thank you for caring.