Taylor Swift’s colonial video, “Wildest Dreams”

Taylor Swift’s colonial video, “Wildest dreams” seems to have created a media sandstorm.

Taylor Swift’s video for her song, “Wildest Dreams” was aired during the MTV VMA coverage earlier this week.  This creative short video has, however, seemingly attracted some hissing & spitting from the moral masses.

The film looks & feels like a polished clip from a glamorous late 40’s/early 50’s movie.   Although the running time is under 4 minutes, it feels so…….. BIG.

Granted, the creators had splendid material to work with.

Majestic  Africa at her best – Wild open spaces, breathtakingly dramatic falls, framed in the ever present & changing sun in all her glory – Bright white ball to fire-red sunsets.  Wild animals, running wild, up close & personal, & seen from the air.

Perfectly toned lovers – The striking man with the celluloid beauty reminiscent of the late 40’s /early 50s glam days of Hollywood. Taylor Swift & Scott Eastwood looking awesome in outfits from white & khaki to chiffon & a tux.  Yummy.

Tents evoking memories of Valentino & Lawrence of Arabia, headscarves, sunglasses, crisp white sheets, the reddest lipstick, it’s all there.  Great fun.

Kudos to the director, Joseph Khan, for producing such a well-presented piece of work.  Creative, glam & dreamy, I enjoyed the visual presentation more than the song it is promoting.

According to reports in the media, the UK Daily Mail being just one paper to run with the story, critics have dealt harshly with Ms Swift for making the video based on their opinion that it promotes colonial, (read racist) stereotypes.  In the editorial,  they mention the two black actors in the clip.    Odd, why would any non-racist notice the colour of an actor’s skin at all, let alone count them?  Are people not just people?

Mr.  Khan released a statement addressing these criticisms, I find it sad that this was even considered necessary.  An artist should not have to defend his work, but he did it gracefully.  The director pointed out that the piece was historically correct, & explained that the music video concept was that they (the doomed lovers portrayed by Swift & Eastwood) were having a love air on location away from their normal lives……….. & that the video was not “about colonialism but a love story on the set of a period film crew in Africa, 1950.”

Not that is SHOULD matter, but people who made this movie include producer Jil Hardin, editor Chancler Haynes & Kahn himself.  (Black, black, Asian-American respectively)  All proceeds of the movie all will be donated to wild animal conservation efforts through the African Parks Foundation of America.  I hope that knowing the facts help people to feel “good” about watching this glossy, glam video.

As the camera cuts to black & white & then pans to a beautifully magasine styled city scene with a tall man in a tux and pretty woman in shimmering gowns,  there is certainly plenty to enjoy.

Haters & whingers?  I can only but wonder how much the critics have spent preserving & supporting Africa, it’s people & it’s animals.

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Or ignore them all & watch the vid on the official channel through the link below: