Tasty Tart

Tasty tarts with a dash of speed are making a Cape comeback 

There are a million things the Cape could boast about, but spicing up the world must surely top the list.  The trading post opened the door for goods to cross the globe & brought spices to Europe.

Frozen taste buds thawed & skipped at least 6 stages of evolution.  Salt took its place with the preservatives & made room for the real taste turn-ons – Peppers, turmeric, cinnamon – They just kept on coming.  We couldn’t get enough.  The bland old days were over.

The food section on this site looked as if it was created by Old Mother Hubbard herself – Mainly because I love to eat but am seriously challenged in the kitchen.

I came across this quite routinely.  Yummy picture, so I scrolled down to checkout how it was put together.  At last –  Edible food with a recipe that doesn’t read like a knitting pattern!  Right away, I knew it belonged here.  A recipe that even I can make?  First one I have ever come across.

Tasty Tart – Recipe by Mrs Robinson

Dee Robinson of the Red Windmill has been trying to get me into a kitchen for years.  This recipe might be just the thing that swings it!   Needless to say, Dee was born gifted, creative & has a way of sharing information so that even I can understand it. It took her just over TWO lines to spill the secret of how to create this five-minute feast that you could throw together for a fiver.

Cape Comeback Tart

Over to Mrs. Robinson.- So listen up because this is the easiest and most delicious tart you’ll ever make.

Roll out a home-made or store-bought short pastry into your quiche tin and pre-bake. Caramelise a kilo of red onions in balsamic & butter till they’re like jam. Spread them onto the bottom of your pastry shell. Top with sliced figs and torn Mozzarella. Beat up a couple of eggs with some cream, season and pour over. Bake for half an hour.

I will give this a try, or perhaps ask my nifty neighbour to give it a go.  Dee, you do make me smile.  I love the way you assume I have a quiche tin.

Live in the Cape, or heading home sometime?  Drop in at the Red Windmilll in Napier & perhaps Dee will cook & serve you this for you.  Checkout what’s cooking via the Red Windmill Facebook page, or see what others have had to say about their visit here.  

A perfect outing – Different, homely, quirky & authentic.   Meantime –

Make, bake & enjoy!  Let me know how yours works out?

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