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September 22, 2021



Commonwealth Games and The Gambia

The Gambia is back in the game – I mean, of course, the Commonwealth Games which are coming back to the UK in 2022. Durban, South Africa was initially elected to host the 2022 Games. Birmingham’s bid was elected after Durban was stripped of host city status after citing financial restraints. The Gambia rejoined the

Brexit Bytes

Brexit Bytes – & Might Bite Hard. Truth lies somewhere between Snobs &Yobs these days. Raucous MPs, twits on Twitter … It’s been a long few weeks. We seem to have collectively lost our ability to insult with any flare.  Something must be said about Brexit. I came across this Brexit Byte that makes sense. Over to you, Reza Mirsadeghi.  Read Reza Mirsadeghi‘s answer to Why did most working class British voters support Brexit? on Quora


Don’t Sell a Lie for Votes

Don’t Sell a Lie for Votes – AKA MR RAMAPHOSA – AKA President x or PM Y News is trickier to untangle than my crochet wool. Surface news, fake news & 3 mystic triplets that may or not run the world got a bit much I just switched off. It’s hard living in a cocoon. Despite

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