Music of Zimbabwe

Music of Zimbabwe is not something that  I have had much exposure to

I hope to remedy this & will post Zimbabwean interest material here in the meantime.

It was tricky to decide whether to bundle the music of Rhodesia & Zimbabwe together.  They are the same country, but eventually I decided to split them because although the focus of this site covers the time of Rhodesia, there is certainly some overlap during the time that Zimbabwe was finding her own identity.  Music is art & not maths,  so I might change this later depending on how well it works.



Kris Kristofferson with  Zimbabwe’s Chiwoniso Maraire video – Chiwoniso appears from 1: 13        This video is a clip from the Music Freedom Day concert in Oslo, Norway on 3 March in 2008, where Kris Kristofferson, then 72, did an interview which Freemuse granted me permission to use.  If you are interested in knowing more, follow  THIS LINK to the full article.  If you want to support the site to avoid adverts, any support is highly appreciated. 


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