Music of South Africa

Music of South Africa could fill a website all on its own

Fortunately it has already filled a few.

There are some passionate people about who have done an amazing job at gathering, preserving & sharing memories for us.  I will come back & add to this when time allows, meantime I hope you find something in the links below that will make you smile. Music of South Africa oiled the cogs of a nation through some of the harshest times in history.




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Links to South African Music sites


1001SAsongs  – A comprehensive list of songs to listen you to before you go deaf, as per John Samson.

Anthem – Die Stem, The Call of S Africa – Includes a link to listen, takes you right back to school assembly. 

Johnny Clegg OBE – Links to the news post here about his recent OBE

SARockDigest on FB – A group for SA rockers – Young & old

South African No 1 Singles –  By year & the weeks at No 1

Let me know if you come across anything interesting, or have something to add?