Music of Rhodesia

The music of Rhodesia & the artists who produced it

The music was vibrant, patriotic, sad, hilarious, proud & very diverse.  Some artists are listed below, the ones that are highlighted link to either their own sites, or to sites that contain more information.

I was about to research these artists, but discovered a really comprehensive site already exists, containing a wealth of information & some great memories & stories about the Rhodesian music scene. has it all!  If you haven’t spent time in this treasure trove, then pop along through the link & be pleasantly surprised.  The site does not sell music, but is a thoughtful & valuable resource.  They ask that you contact them if you can provide information to anything that might be included in their repository.  

Rhodesian solo artists

included on the site include the following:

Alain D Woolf, Alan Garrity, Albert Allan Owen, Alison Biggs,  Anne Power,

Bruce Millar

Clem Tholet

David Scobie, Don Foster, Dyllis Stevenson

Eric Birrell, Eduardo Matos

Glenn Irving

Hennie Bekker, Hendrik Barry Bekker

Jimmy Saunders, Jody Wayne, John Edmond , John Oakley-Smith, Judy Page, Julian Fortune (Pellatt), Jumping Jack McGroaty

Laura Hall, Laurel Anderson

Margie Stevens, Megan Timothy, Mike Gibbs, Mike Westcott

Norman Reader

Paul & Edel Krige, Peter Creswell


Ray Robshaw, Rob Cushman

Stevie Lange (Van Kerken) , Sue (Siobahn) Rosney

Tony Bird, Trish Matthews, Tom Coulter

Wrex Tarr

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