Music & Mental Health

Music & Mental health affect a person’s state of mind.

This is especially true for people who have lived through the creation, fall & the transitional period of the re-creation of the countries of their birth.

The country of your birth identifies you in many ways.  Regardless of politics, or whether it’s for better or worse, regime change involves a lot more than renaming a country, designing a new flag, & changing laws.  It cuts right through the flesh & into the bones of every citizen of the nation.


Everyone struggles with mental issues at some point in their lives.  Sometimes it’s a phase to be lived through before moving on or back into normality.  Sadly, there are many others who live with conditions every day of their lives.  White Africans have been through more changes than most.  They are not unique in this, but are often sidelined in the media & therefore by the world population because their ancestors were once broadly regarded as privileged.

Entertaining is an important part of society.  Food, drink & music are the main ingredients of any get together.  Arguably, the most important of these is music.

Songwriters draw on life experiences to create.  Some experiences are personal to them, other times they write & sing about situations & people who come to their attention. Music, like guns, can make some people feel safe while inciting others to violent thoughts & actions.  It affects emotions & brings back memories.  It can be a healing or a divisive force.  It can make you laugh, smile or reduce you to anger or tears.

Wherever you are in your life, I hope you find something here that helps to increase your awareness of mental health issues so that you can understand more about yourself or others around you who may be affected by emotional pain.


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