Music is the universal language of a nation.

This is probably more true in countries that is populated by people who have different languages reflecting the different cultures of the nation.

We sing when we are happy, sad or scared.  We march, kill, love & celebrate with music.  The medium adds personality & passion to a people.  Indeed, it is the pumping heart of the hopes & dreams of every man.

This section will always be a work in progress.  Let me know your thoughts, & what you would like to see or hear?

Kristofferson South Africa

Kris Kristofferson & South Africa

Almost everyone I know had THAT record. You know the one? Blue eyes on a green background? The album was ...
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Music of the Era

Music of the Era Advertising jingles to radio broadcasts, tape to listening to a live band. Browse the index below ...
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Music of the Bush Wars

Music of the African Bush Wars This is a work in progress, & I may need to split it into ...
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Music & Mental Health

Music & Mental health affect a person's state of mind. This is especially true for people who have lived through ...
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Music of Rhodesia

The music of Rhodesia & the artists who produced it The music was vibrant, patriotic, sad, hilarious, proud & very ...
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Music of Zimbabwe

Music of Zimbabwe is not something that  I have had much exposure to I hope to remedy this & will ...
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South African Flag

Music of South Africa

Music of South Africa could fill a website all on its own Fortunately it has already filled a few. There ...
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