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Gifts with Free Worldwide Delivery from the UK (& more)

Gifts can be hard to find, & expensive to post. I am compiling a list of ideas for those of us with friends & family abroad, to cover celebrations & occasions. Some of these are sponsored, & the site gets a small commission if you order. Others don’t. The purpose of this post is to offer a service, & not just to generate income. In any case, the amount generated is tiny & goes towards supporting this site which is otherwise a labour of love.

The list of ideas gets updated here. Worth checking for updates.

Last Minute Gifts


Money, Moolah, Ching

Tasteless- often appreciated & the first choice for Teens & young ones. The first transaction is free at certain times. Cheaper than banks, speedy & reliable. I use it myself & sometimes ask the family in SA to use the funds I send to buy a gift locally from me when “time is few.”

This one does generate a small commission but I do use it myself.

Getting Personal

Bloom Boutiques off free delivery worldwide. I haven’t used them yet but will be soon. The hassle of wrapping, posting & worrying (as well as the cost) is no longer necessary. They have a great range, & offer personalisation on some items.

They also pay a small commission if you link via our site, obviously with no extra cost to yourself.

Wedding Gifts Ideas – Free delivery Worldwide from the UK 

Bloom Boutique – Great for wedding gifts, too. Free delivery, free postage, no customs or extra charges risk to the happy couple

Book Depository – Lots more than Books

    • Amazing selection
    • Free delivery / postage from the USA WORLDWIDE
    • You can find the perfect gift that it’s sent free of postage charges & potential customs glitches.






If you use any of these services or have any to add, please let us know 🙂

Terms & conditions do change, so please let me know if you see anything unexpected, or if Free Delivery is no longer offered.


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