Rhodesian Native Regiment/African Rifles monument to be unveiled in England

Not in the news….. Sadly, these events seldom get the press coverage they deserve.  However, the bush telegraph is still one of the most effective known communication methods.

Rhodesian Native Regiment / Rhodesian African Rifles – Monument to be unveiled in England



On 19th July 2015, a memorial to the Rhodesian Native Regiment and the Rhodesian African Rifles will be unveiled at the National Arboretum in England.

This monument is paid for by donations,  and aims to recognise the black soldiers who served and bravely fought for the Crown and Rhodesia in numerous wars throughout the 1900’s.

Interested in attending?  Organisers request that guests arrive by 10.30am.

Venue  – National Memorial Arboretum

Croxall Road, Alrewas, Staffordshire, DE13 7AR
Telephone: 01283 792333

Need more information, or could you support/donate?  Their site is here  RAR