Rhodesian Forces Roll of Honour

Rhodesian Forces Roll of Honour

If printed, this list would be around 70 pages long.  This is probably the most comprehensive record of losses suffered by Rhodesia’s forces during the period 11/11/1965 – 30/03/1980.  It was complied by Dr Wood, and is a work in progress.  He told me today that he has some new information to add, and also requests that anyone spotting any errors or omissions contact him.

The listing is in date order, and gives name, rank, place and where possible, some detail about the circumstances.


I am posting the link with Dr. Wood’s consent & full permission, and he is very open to hearing from anyone who has further information.

It could be useful for family tree/genealogists, ancestors, families and brothers in arms.

It is a sobering read, indeed.

The list is available Click HERE for Roll of Honour