Squad Cars

Springbok Radio – Squad Cars 

They prowl the empty streets at night – Waiting. In fast cars, on foot – Living with crime & violence. These men are on duty 24 hours out of every 24. They face dangers at every turn, expecting nothing less. They protect the people of South Africa – These are the men of

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The story you are about to hear is true. Details are supplied from the official case files of the South African Police. Only names & places have been changed to protect innocent people involved. 

Squad Cars was first broadcast on 29 June 1968. The show, produced by Colin Fish & Louise Ife & directed by David Gooden became a South African favourite – Especially after it moved to the prime Friday night spot.  As you listen, keep an ear out for actors like Gordon Mulholland, Diane Appleby, Annabel Linder, Mel Miller & the great Brian O’Shaugnessy & others.

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