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Primal urges

Primal urges have driven many tribes to great success and total destruction

They have done the same for many individuals, too, but this post is not about that………

Modern day cavemen are back.  They were spotted recently on  Facebook, that tool that unites & divides tribes, families & friends everywhere. These guys in skins brandishing sticks & clubs are part of a competition being run by Megarom, South Africa

The company sells games & gaming equipment.  Based on titles it seems obvious that the tribal spirit of man (& woman) is very much alive & thriving.  Individuality is great, but the unseen force that attracts humans into clumps lives on.  Primal urges have not been lost to evolution.  Today they are expressed & indulged in games & fantasy worlds a lot more durable than our own.

In the real world, there is no RESET button, but in the imaginative lands that make up the new frontiers, anything is possible.  Rugby, Tomb Raider & Assassin’s Creed are just a few of the fields & battlegrounds that attract the young pioneers of today. New playgrounds are constantly being created, & we often judge our youth for spending too much time exploring them.  Perhaps our judgement has been a little too harsh.

Farcry Primal

Megarom currently have a competition in play right now.  They have called it Farcry Primal.  Entrants are offered the chance to win prizes of mammoth proportions for dressing up live a caveman, posting their photographs & having people vote on them.

Looking through the pictures of South African youngsters, dirty & posing with sticks & rocks made me smile.

These are the guys in the street wearing the caps & the attitude, striding to the beat of the street music streaming into their brains via their headphones.  You know them well, if not by their head wear, then certainly by the labels on their underwear that stick out above the top of their pants – Somewhere above their knees.

Here, they look like teens from any era.  The delight in their stances & expressions reminds me that the world has not changed THAT much.  Not really.  At heart, we are the same people we have always been.  We chase fear & danger, feel safe in groups & once survival is taken care of, everyone wants to have some fun.


Fighting the microchip

Technology & the allure of cyberspace is a magnetic force of note.  Parents often feel helpless in the face of it, & it can seem like we have lost our children to 3D, HD, & sound surround.  Fighting a microchip is a battle that we are ill-equipped to join – However, the battle itself might not exist other than in our own heads.

We learn something everyday, new big or small truths.  This photograph shows how little effort is required to separate a gamer from his console, & that drawing youth from the virtual universe into our reality is easy because their own primal urges are our biggest secret weapon.

Stripping down to play in the dirt & under the sun is an urge that binds our earliest ancestors to the last crop of kids on this earth.  Below this picture of my nephew, Cal the Caveman is a link to photographs submitted by many others.  It will go dead after the competition closes, so let me know when this happens & I will take it down.

For today, I hope you enjoy the pictures while they exist.  We all like to smile – It’s a primal urge after all.  Now pass me that gaming controller…….

Primal Urges

COMPETITION PHOTO LINK      If it’s still open, vote why don’t you?