Of Grass & Grasshoppers

Grass is Legal in South Africa

The news burnt through the headlines. It’s legal to grow & smoke dagga. Like most facts of our times, this is true, but not quite. Judge Davis with two other judges concurring found that laws prohibiting the use of cannabis and the possession, purchase & cultivation of it in private homes & for personal consumption were inconsistent with the Constitution and declared them invalid. This ruling did not instantly change the law, & smokers & growers can still be charged. Again, it is still illegal to smoke or grow dagga, zol, marijuana, cannabis or greens by any other name in South Africa. Still, the times they are a changin’….

Parliament has 24 months to change to legislation but in the interim, he said,  until the relevant legislative changes had been made. The judge also added that “it will be deemed to be a defence that the use, possession, purchase or cultivation of cannabis in a private dwelling is for the personal consumption of the adult accused”. In short, people may still be charged & prosecuted for growing, possessing & smoking dope but they can point to the future law change in their defence. Simple?

Are you a Grasshopper?

So much for the grass. If you haven’t read the insightful piece on grasshoppers & liberation by Don Clarke follow the link below. Let me know your thoughts.




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