In my Blood – Rhodesian blood

by Alf Hutchison

So many people are displaced in our world today. Reasons vary, but the resulting hurt is universal.

My Doctor he once told me, “Alf you have rare blood;
Traces of Kariba blue, and a touch of Gokwe mud.
There are traces of the Valley and it’s Tsetse Fly,
Malaria bugs swim freely , I cannot tell a lie.
Traces of fish eagles, and the Red Bishop weaver;
Together with Bilharzia ,and black water fever.
A build up of sadza and traces of burnt Braais;
Of course Mopane worms and those little pesky flies .
Looking me in the eye, tearfully he began to say
You have the rarest of diseases… it will never go away;
You have Rhodesian blood trapped in your veins,
Which just keeps your heart, and your soul, in chains”

Rhodesian Wine by Alf Hutchison

Alf Hutchison Poetry

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1 thought on “In my Blood – Rhodesian blood

  1. I stood up then and to him replied

    If these are chains I wear them with pride

    I am Zimbabwean with rare blood

    And through my veins it can happily flood

    Thank you Doctor for what you have said

    I love my blood and the land in which it was bred

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