Hot shower off the grid in Mozambique

A hot shower off the grid can be a challenge.

That said, getting into hot water is not as easy as it used to be even on the grid.  Many of my family and friends have been coping with load shedding/no electric sometimes with simultaneous tap water stoppages.

Having lived in the UK for some time now, I forgot how annoying drought and power cuts can be until I was chatting to Barbs on the ‘phone recently.  Of all the things we covet, a hot shower topped her list.  Her electric supply was more if than when due to load shedding, and her water had to be collected from a tanker due to drought.

While browsing Facebook today, one of Justin’s posts attracted my attention.  I love seeing updates and family pics, but like many of us, I smile as I scroll through but seldom comment. These  impressed me so much that I had to ask him about them.

He is currently living and working off the grid in Mozambique.  His solution for grabbing a hot shower is just so cute that I had to ask him if I could share them with you.  He kindly agreed.

Justin’s shower made using materials he had to hand


The Pioneer spirit still burns brightly!  I know there are many great ideas for all sorts of things on the internet, but this is the first one in a long time that I have seen built and ready for use.

I asked  how it works.  He told me,  “It works like a bomb, no need for electricity.   It works on fire and gravity, and it cost me nothing for the empty drum,  and just 75 mzn (meticals) for nails.   The wood was free too.”

The mechanics:








Yes, I understand that we don’t all have access to surplus wood to burn, that fires are not eco friendly either, but this is not about that. It’s about finding solutions to daily issues using the resources you do have.  Given time, I am sure a solar version could be developed, but for now, I am cheerfully thinking of how resourceful and resilient this next generation can be, and I am glad that the future of our world is in their hands, and not ours.  Hopefully they will find simple and workable ways to clean up the mess my generation made, and came out of it smelling good too.

Well done, Justin!


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