Hammerman Serial Killer – Empangeni

Empangeni, South Africa. 1980s. The Hammerman was climbing through windows & killing people with his weapon of choice.


The Hammerman

The Hammerman was the talk of town. He was a mystic thing. A legend, a myth – Like the Tokoloshe and other tales, except he was killing our friends and neighbours and the blood he splattered was real. The Hammerman was known to:

  • Broke into houses at night
  • Murdered people in their homes
  • Crushed people with a hammer
  • Stole valuables that he could carry – Money & jewels
  • Never touched the children of his victims



  • 1982 : Peter Trollip : Violently attacked with his wife & mother in law present
  • 1983 : Graham and Margaretha McCaskill (prison officers) : Murdered : December
  • 1984 : Justin and Terri Smith : Murdered : February : Children left alone : .32 firearm was stolen


Modus Operandi

  • Immobilise the male adult and steal at leisure


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