Halloween is an American thing, right? Wrong. 

Halloween evolved from the Celtic idea that the veil between our world & the “other” world is thinnest when winter draws in. It probably has roots in other pagan rites, but essentially it was a British thing, then it wasn’t, now it is. 

Hello Hallow

The idea of Halloween eased into mainstream Britain in the 1960s. The era brought a renewed surge of interest in new/old ideas & practices along with the quest for spiritual growth. 

Back at the Table

New age ideas based on a patchwork of old age traditions gained respectability & acceptance as the children of the flower power generation grew up & old. Elements of teenage curiosity became accepted tradition once more. Magic, spiritualism & a plethora of new religions & movements grew in popularity. 

Halloween comes Home

Halloween nowadays is broadly accepted & celebrated as a fun event in the UK & elsewhere. 

On 31st October, anyone who wants to participate dresses up as ghost, ghoul or a fantasy character. Houses are decorated with “nasties” & children go from door to door “trick or treating”. They visit neighbours & collect sweets or treats. 

Treat or Trick

If treaters are refused, they may play a trick. In real life, houses that opt out are simply skipped. 

Teenagers & Adults

Teenagers hold themed parties, or attend themed dress up events. It is a time of fun, with a nod to pagan pasts. 

Alice & the Mad Hatter

Mummy Returns

Up my Street

Multicultural Britain presents challenges. Homes participating in Halloween often indicate this by decorating their doors.

In my street, children dress up & go from door to door in their outfits. Younger children go about in groups, often with an adult in the background to capture their little gremlins & get them home by dinner time 🙂

Christian Country

This is a Christian country which allows freedom of religion & expression. There are concerns that the land is losing its Christian identity due to the cultural strain resulting from immigration & the worlwide spread of multiple & fragmented dogma.

Between the witches, elves, bees, Disney characters & other visitors, the houses in my street also received this through their letterboxes.

Every person has a point of view, often strongly held. We are individuals living our daily lives in a blender. 

Let me know your thoughts on Halloween in the western world?