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South African Defence Forces – SADF

Military conscription became compulsory in South Africa for all whites males over the age of 16, on the 4 August 1967. There was opportunity to defer it to complete school or university education, but there was no avoiding it. Very few people in the demographic were exempted. Wars were fought in Angola, Namibia & Mozambique & forces were sometimes deployed by the in the so-called townships. Conscription time was shortened in 1988 but only ended in 1993.

The SADF was replaced by the SANDF in 1994. Recruitment has been voluntary since then.

The South African Army

  • is a tribute to the SADF.  The site focuses specifically on the SADF prior to 1989, & includes chronicles, photographs, insignia, equipment & photographs.  Non political, it is a rich repository for anyone who would like to explore their own memories or learn more from the boys who were there. Great resource for the army guys.
  • Experiences of the SADF Solider includes the movie Stories, Shadows & Dust
  • At Thy Call A movie about the South African Army


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