Rhodesian Forces

Rhodesian Forces

Rhodesian Forces are still spoken about today, despite the fact that they were disbanded in 1980. Time Magasine reported in June 1977, that

    “Man for man, the Rhodesian army ranks among the world’s finest fighting units”

This high regard is even more surprising when considering that the forces operated while under worldwide sanctions, both diplomatic & economic. The small country managed to maintain highly effective security forces on a shoestring budget, & in isolation from the rest of the world between 1964 & 1980.

Before that, the country was under British rule. The then Southern Rhodesia declared independence on 11 November 1965, & called itself Rhodesia. The rest of the world refused to recognise the new country & continued to refer to it as Southern Rhodesia. The security forces fought under a government that was never recognised internationally.

Rhodesia’s security forces consisted of the Rhodesian Army, Rhodesian Air Force, British South Africa Police & others affiliated to Rhodesian Ministry of Internal Affairs – or INTAF.

Rhodesian Army Dog Tags
Rhodesian Army – Dog Tags

Rhodesian Forces ALL

Rhodesianforces  Represents all of the Rhodesian forces 1967 – 1980, including the Greys Scouts. Features details of remembrance events, submitted articles & a wealth of information of interest to anyone connected to or studying the era.

Rhodesian Army (Corps of Infantry)

The Rhodesian Soldier A UK-based website by Bulawayo born author, Gerry Van Tonder. He served with INTAF & the site is easy to follow, & contains a gallery.  The webmaster also offers genealogy assistance.

  • Grey’s Scouts

  • Rhodesian African Rifles

Rhodesian African Rifles A UK-based website honouring the RAR – Includes a Roll of Honour, news & supports the memorial.

RAR Links to the background & duties of this voluntary regiment 1964 – 1980

  • Rhodesian Light Infantry


  • Rhodesia Regiments 1 to 10 Battalions

  • Selous Scouts

Rhodesian Air Force

British South Africa Police



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