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Someone one said that life has always been cheap on the African continent. I can’t remember whether it was an actor in a movie or my mother as she tutted while reading the newspaper, but I do know I heard it when I was in Africa & have never forgotten it.  While I cannot remember who said it, the resignation & quiet acceptance in the tone of the voice made my hairs stand up.

Africa as a continent has certainly been the stage for many wars.  Families throughout the continent have suffered by living through & giving their sons, willingly or otherwise, to African wars.

Military Forces – Army, Airforce, Navy

Conscription was a way of life for many who lived in Africa, especially Southern. Many of these forces made names for themselves worldwide & attracted volunteers from within the country & throughout the world.


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Wars, Conflict & Defence

A lot has been written about these wars by many learned & wise people.  I am no expert on the subject, so will not attempt to add to the wealth of excellent information available now.  Many of these wars that raged for many years & in relatively recent times have all since been forgotten. History is written by the victors, & it is easy to forget the wars that many young men fought for ideals, to keep or simply because they had to. These young men, just boys really, left their families to fight in the forces. Some came back, some never. Many of the survivors got on with living their lives with little time for thought & reflection on their time in the services.

This section serves to signpost to links on this site & elsewhere that might be of interest to anyone seeking to know more about these wars & the military forces & units that drove them. Links are to relevant articles on this site & to elsewhere on the internet. Please feel free to email me with any information that you would like added, as well as any corrections or links you have found.





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