Favourite breakfast

Favourite breakfast or brunch

There’s a lot to love about a full English breakfast, especially during the winter days when it’s cold, damp & just plain bleak.

Favourite breakfast or brunch in my house is plain old pap, boerie, brown gravy with soft fried eggs.  The green chilies on the side increase in number depending on the time of day, but other than the man of the house has made this brunch the same for as long as I have known him.

Quick & Easy.

Pap, made from maize or mealie meal from the local African shop. Avoid South African speciality shops in the UK as they can be crazy with the prices. We get ours from a dark shop in Beverley Rd in Hull, but Nigerian shops are plentiful & well stocked.

Boerewors, the man doesn’t make his own.  Our local English butcher sells boerie at the same price as local sausages.  He makes one variant only, but he does it well.  Once again, no need to pay speciality prices.

Eggs, we get these fresh a short drive out-of-town.  Thus far, the man has behaved well & not brought a chicken or duck home with them.

Brown gravy from the boerie juices, & Bisto is best no matter where you are.

So, when it comes to a favourite breakfast or brunch at my house, local is still lekker.

What do you like for breakfast?

Favourite breakfast

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