Biltong : Homemade – UK style

Biltong Homemade UK

While discussing biltong on-line in a forum, & many South Africans are feeling the pinch here in the UK.  it reminded me of a blog I had long since forgotten about. In these days of austerity, recycling is back in, & besides, we cannot have a food section without some mention of BILTONG.  I figured that if I recycle this post, you might get inspired to make your own.

This post is not for you if you are in the land of the kudu.  However, if you are in the UK, watching your budget but remain lus for biltong from time to time, there is no reason at all why you should deprive yourself.  No matter where you live, if you have a small fan that is powered by electric (or a cigarette lighter port in your van) then biltong is not a luxury.  Sure, the really good stuff can be sourced from the luxury shops, but for the penny pinchers & rent ripped off, there is another simple option.  DIY.

DIY biltong does not need to be complicated.  It needs no special equipment or anything that you can’t find in the smallest of homes.  Whether you are a debt free wannabe, or just prefer to spend your hard earned cash wisely, then give it a try.

Beef:  Best buys do vary, generally the Asda beef tops Tesco as it has a bit more fat.  The man of the house says farmers should be reported for animal cruelty because they must be starving the animals.  He bases this on the lack of fat on the local meat, & being streamlined himself, he has no concept of weight management & the concerns that go with it.  Some of us are not so lucky, but meat with some fat does dry & taste better.

If you are interested in a basic biltong recipe that you can tweek to suit your own taste buds, then this is an amazingly cheap, quick & simple way to feed your fancy between paydays.


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If you make it, or have any ideas for doing this better/cheaper, please let me know?

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