African food is as unique as the people who cook and eat it.

A lot of white African history is written in Afrikaans, which is great if you are fluent in the language.  It can be very frustrating that English-speaking South Africans haven’t been quite as dedicated and passionate at recording and remembering these things as our Afrikaans speaking counterparts.  Please share your secrets so that we don’t lose them.  As drought hits and the lights keep going out many of us might need to rekindle the spirit of the pioneers of old to navigate through our days.

Recently I was told that in the north of South Africa, at a time when the temperature is overclocking the big 40c, that family members have been told that they will be without water for a week.  All over the world, resources are getting scarce and people are feeling the pinch as prices escalate for services for those who can get them.  We all need to be re-learn how to be resourceful and simply do more with less.

That said, I am thirsty.  Off to put the kettle on while I can….  Meantime, I hope you enjoy browsing this section.



Moer Koffie

Moer Koffie - How to...... Some say the name comes from the Dutch for "mother", others say it comes from ...
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Sadza /Pap Recipe This is a basic recipe & many people change the ratio & cooking times to taste. Maize ...
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Mopane Worms

Mopane worms - a staple since ancient times Boiled, dried or fried - Mopane worms are food for all palates ...
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Biltong : Homemade – UK style

Biltong Homemade UK While discussing biltong on-line in a forum, & many South Africans are feeling the pinch here in ...
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Favourite breakfast

Favourite breakfast or brunch There's a lot to love about a full English breakfast, especially during the winter days when ...
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Liquorice & nigger balls – Childhood tales

Liquorice & nigger balls & Southern Africa Liquorice & Nigger balls were part of most children's lives in Southern Africa ...
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Potjie pots and recipes

Potjie pots,  recipes & tradition Potjie Story Cast iron cooking vessels developed in some form and under different names during ...
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