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African History Headlines

African history headlines & news – What was happening this month in the conflict era of previous years.

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22 September 1960- Proclamation de l'indépendance du Mali; The Sudanese Republic, formerly French Sudan, declared its independence from France as Republic of #Mali via @YouTube

23 September 1989- 'Its a sacred monument, not something for the apes to climb atop" said one AWB man as blacks and whites clashed at AWB rally at Paul Kruger statue in Pretoria #SouthAfrica; blacks had climbed the statue at a protest the week before

#Gambia President Yahya Jammeh after voting in Banjul on 22 September 2006; Jammeh was re-elected with 67% of vote. He had seized power in a 1994 coup and would rule until surprisingly losing a December 2016 election and be forced into exile

Mass Democratic Movement anti-apartheid rally in Durban #SouthAfrica on 22 September 1989 attracted 15,000; MDM, made up of ANC and UDF supporters, defiance campaign was accompanied by a COSATU work stay away by 3 million workers


23 September 1967: Colonel Victor Banjo, commander of the ill-fated #Biafra invasion of the #Nigeria midwestern region,
@executedtoday shot at dawn along with three others for treachery and sabotage #NigerianCivilWar

20 September 1967: #Nigeria Troops re-captured Benin in mid-western region, abandoned by retreating Biafran soldiers; #Biafra had invaded the region on 9 August but were now in full retreat to Niger River bridge #NigerianCivilWar via @YouTube

15-25 September 1993: @UN Security Council resolution 864 called for a fuel and arms embargo on UNITA rebels in #Angola unless they agreed to a cease-fire within ten days; the embargo went into effect on 25 September #AngolanCivilWar

#CentralAfricanRepublic 'Emperor' Bokassa was released from jail after seven years despite being sentenced to death in 1987; Andre Kolingba released him after losing first round of elections in August. Ange-Felix Patasse won second round on 19 September 1993 and became President

22-26 September 1998: South African soldiers and Ratels in a wrecked Maseru #Lesotho during widespread looting; 85 soldiers and civilians were killed in the fighting via @YouTube

A #SouthAfrica soldier pulls a dead comrade from a military vehicle during fighting in #Lesotho on 22 September 1998; nine SANDF soldiers were killed on first day when troops were sent in to Lesotho to quell political turmoil

22 September 1967: Colonel Victor Banjo, commander of the ill-fated #Biafra invasion of the #Nigeria mid-western region, @executedtoday shot at dawn along with three others for treachery #NigerianCivilWar

"Anybody who stands in our way will be treated as a rebel" said 2nd Division commander Lt Col Murtala Mohammed, future #Nigeria ruler, from the mid-western region capital of Benin on 21 September 1967 after it was re-occupied from retreating Biafrans #NigerianCivilWar

Operation OAU: Federal soldier with a anti-tank bazooka on the road from Aba to Biafran capital of Umuahia on 21 September 1968; #Nigeria troops had captured Aba and Owerri earlier in the offensive #NigerianCivilWar

21 September 1979- Operation BARRACUDA: A French-backed coup d'etat deposed Jean-Bedel Bokassa and returned David Dacko to power in #CentralAfricanRepublic

21/23 September 1976: Ian Smith met with his cabinet and Parliament in Salisbury #Rhodesia to discuss a response to the #Britain/US Kissinger peace plan #RhodesianBushWar

#Namibia President Sam Nujoma on his first visit to #Angola, with President Eduardo dos Santos in Lubango on 18 September 1990

‘Hotel Rwanda’ Hero, in Jailhouse Interview, Says He Was Duped Into Arrest

20/24 September 1978- Operation SNOOPY: RLI/SAS heliborne and para assault on ZANLA Chimoio Circle base 100 km inside #Mozambique #rhodesianBushWar

Operation SNOOPY: damage to RhAF Canberra by ground-fire during the RLI assault on sprawling ZANLA Chimoio Circle base in #Mozambique on 20 September 1978; by 1978, RhAF had only five of its original 18 Canberras still operational #RhodesianBushWar

20 September 1975: antiwar demonstration in Lisbon #Portugal; two days before Portuguese High Commissioner announced Portuguese troops had begun to withdraw from #Angola #AngolanCivilWar via @YouTube

20 September 1961- Operation MORTHOR: After eight days of fighting, @UN and Katanga President Moise Tshombe announced a cease-fire #Congo #CONGO60

20 September 1978: Prime Minister of #SouthAfrica John Vorster announced his resignation

Secessionist #Katanga President Moise Tshombe at the funeral of @UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold in Ndola Northern #Rhodesia, present day #Zambia , on 20 September 1961 #Congo

19 September 1976: Ian Smith and Henry Kissinger at their meeting at the American Embassy in Pretoria #SouthAfrica #rhodesianBushWar via @YouTube 19

19 September 1976- "One of the great tragedies of the modern world": US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and #Rhodesia Prime Minister Ian Smith met in Pretoria #SouthAfrica for day long talks on his five-point peace plan #RhodesianBushWar

18-20 September 1964- Simba Rebellion: In Nairobi #Kenya, the Congo Reconciliation Commission met to mediate the revolts in #Congo #CONGO60 #SimbaRevolt

18 September 1989: Presidents of seven African nations #Zimbabwe #SaoTome #Zaire #Congo #Mozambique #Gabon #Zambia attended #AngolanCivilWar peace talks in Kinshasa; Jonas Savimbi refused to attend due to renewed fighting and had disavowed the June 'golden handshake' agreement

18 September 1969- "You're going to move because you must follow the Government's instructions": 1,500 Tangwena tribesman were forcibly evicted from their ancestral home under the segregationist 1930 Land Apportionment Act, which reserved the area for White's only #Rhodesia


18 September 2000: An attempted putsch in Côte d'Ivoire #IvoryCoast failed; In October, military ruler Robert Guei, who seized power in a coup the previous December, would reluctantly lose an election to Laurent Gbagbo via @YouTube

18 September 1979- Operation BOXER: the SADF 4 Recce/ #Rhodesia SAS raid on Beira harbor #Mozambique sank two dredgers #RhodesianBushWar

14-18 September 1961- Siege of Jadotville: After a four-day ordeal, 158 Irish @UN troops surrendered to Katangese forces in Jadotville, 100 km northwest of Elisabethville; one mercenary, one Katangese and two civilians were killed, five Irish and eight Katangese wounded #CONGO60

18 September 1961: @UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold was killed, along with 12 others, in a plane crash at Ndola airport in Northern #Rhodesia, now #Zambia, heading for peace talks with Moise Tshombe #CONGO60

18 September 1989: Four @executedtoday in Burkina Faso, including the No 2 and no 3 men in the military regime, with immediate effect for the attempted overthrow of Blaise Compaore #BurkinaFaso

17 September 1976: US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger met #SouthAfrica Prime Minister John Vorster in Pretoria, their second sit-down in two weeks after meeting in Zurich on 4-6 September #RhodesianBushWar

16 September 1987- Operation MODULAR: Second attack on 47 Brigade south of the Lomba RIver #Angola #SouthAfricanBorderWar

Operation MODULAR: Defence Minister Magnus Malan, State President PW Botha and Jonas Savimbi at 20 Brigade HQ in Mavinga #Angola on 16 September 1987 #SouthAfricanBorderWar

A child plays in the churchyard of Nyamata #Rwanda on 16 September 1994; 600 were massacred in the church on 10 April 1994, and his parents are among 50,000 buried in Nyamata, site of a memorial to the #Rwanda genocide #Kwibuka26

#SouthAfrica Prime Minister John Vorster and #Transkei leader Chief Kaiser Matanzima sign documents in Pretoria on 16 September 1976 as a prelude to 'independence' for the black homeland in October

#Ghana @UN ONUC troops prepare defenses in Leopoldville, now Kinshasa, #Congo on 16 September 1960 after an Army coup d'etat removed Premier Patrice Lumumba #CONGO60

"If you fail we shall reach a point of no return. God help your mission" #Zambia President Kaunda told Henry Kissinger in Lusaka on 16 September 1976; Kissinger's peace mission to Africa would culminate with delivering his plan to Ian Smith on 19th September #RhodesianBushWar

#Zimbabwe- #Rhodesia Prime Minister Abel Muzorewa attending services in London during the Lancaster House peace conference on 16 September 1979 #RhodesianBushWar

16 September 1968- Operation OAU: #Nigeria federal troops captured the Biafran town of Owerri, leaving only one major town left in #Biafra control, Umuahia #NigerianCivilWar

15 September 1961: Mercenary Bob Denard arrived in Elisabethville #Congo to fight for Tshombe's Katanga; His mercenary career in Africa would continue until a failed coup attempt in the Comoros in 1995 #CONGO60

15 September 1961 "I'd never thought I'd see the day when one plane would stop the US and the whole @UN ": Pierre Magain and the Katanga 'air force' Fouga Magister marauder #CONGO60

US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger meeting #Tanzania President Julius Nyerere in Dar es Salaam on 15 September 1976 for talks concerning his peace plan for #Rhodesia and independence for SW Africa #RhodesianBushWar

14 September 1976: #Rhodesia Prime Minister Ian Smith meets #SouthAfrica Prime Minister John Vorster in Pretoria on the KISSINGER PLAN which would be presented to him in five days #RhodesianBushWar

Former #Liberia President Charles Taylor describes his 'release' from prison in the US on 15 September 1985 at his trial in The Hague on 15 July 2009 at 34.30; "Upon my release. Well I'm calling it my release because I didn’t break out" at 50.48

15 September 1985: Charles Taylor 'escaped' from Plymouth House of corrections in Massachusetts USA; he had been detained since 1984 on a international arrest warrant requested by #Liberia on embezzlement charges from which he fled in 1983

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