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African History Headlines

African history headlines & news – What was happening this month in the conflict era of previous years.

If you were expecting the other sort of flashbacks, checkout the section on PTSD.  Music news can be found here

6 July 1964- "Kamuzu, Kamuzu, Kamazu!": After 73 years as a British protectorate, #Malawi became an independent nation

Dr Hastings Banda, who would rule #Malawi for 29 years, arrives back in the then Nyasaland of Central African Federation on 6 July 1958 from a 30-year self-imposed exile

5 July 1978: In Accra #Ghana, Head of State Lt Colonel Ignatius Acheampong was deposed by a coup led by General Fred Akuffo

6 July 1964: Returning from over a years' exile in Spain, Moise Tshombe was named Premier of #Congo #SimbaRevolt #CONGO60

SW Africa police Wolf at NANSO congress rally in Katutura township outside Windhoek on 5 July 1986 #Nambia #AngolanBushWar thanks to @iamakwenye for ID of a Wolf, not a casspir

5 July 1973- " I know that some of you are plotting a coup d'etat. Well, here I am if you want to do it": President Gregoire Kayibanda was overthrown by a military coup in #Rwanda

Belgium mulls charges over 1961 killing of #Congo's first elected leader Patrice Lumumba

George Floyd’s Killing Prompts Africans to Call for Police Reform at Home

5 July 1978- Operation TACAUD: #Chad government soldiers of Felix Malloum at Ati in eastern #Tchad; the FROLINAT forces of Goukouni Oueddei were defeated by the French at Ati in May via @YouTube

5 July 1977: 12 members expelled from the ruling Rhodesian Front formed the new right-wing Rhodesian Action Party; in the snap 31 August election they wouldn't win one seat in parliament and only 9% of vote as Smith received a mandate via @YouTube

The funeral of hostage Dora Bloch in Israel in 1979; she was @executedtoday 4 July 1976 by Idi Amin in retaliation for the #Israel commando raid; her remains were recovered near Kampala in 1979 after fall of Idi Amin

Operation THUNDERBOLT-The Entebbe Raid: #Israel Foreign Minister Yigal Allon greets the 103 hostages rescued in the commando raid on Entebbe Airport on 4 July 1976; three hostages were killed, one @IDF soldier, seven hijackers and estimated 20 #Uganda soldiers


4 July 1994: After a three-month battle, RPF/RPA rebels seized the #Rwanda capital of Kigali #kwibuka26 via @YouTube

2 July 2013: Former #Chad ruler Hissen Habre was arrested in Dakar #Senegal for war crimes and crimes against humanity #Tchad

2 July 1990- "The (first)Battle of Monrovia has begun": INPFL and NPFL rebel forces surrounding the #Liberia capital began their assault on the city #FirstLiberianCivilwar

2-14 July 1967: Operation UNICORD, the first #Nigeria offensive of the #NigerianCivilWar captured Nsukka north of #Biafra capital

Fighting and brawling between rival Bakongo and Bayaka tribesmen saw 100 people arrested in Leopoldville, now Kinshasa, #Congo 2 July 1960

2 July 1988: A @MYANC /MK car bomb exploded outside Ellis Park rugby stadium Johannesburg #SouthAfrica after a match between Transvaal/Orange Free State, killing two people and injuring 37 others via @YouTube

Belgium’s King Sends Letter of Regret Over Colonial Past in #Congo

The Entebbe hijackers were seeking the release of 53 prisoners, including Baader-Meinhof gang leader Jan-Carl Raspe; Raspe committed suicide in jail along with Baader and Ensslin on 18 October 1977 after another hijacking, this time to #Somalia, failed to secure their release

1 July 1976: At Entebbe airport, The PFLP released 101 hostages, leaving 110 including 70 Israelis, from Pan Am Flight 139 which they hijacked over Greece and flew to #Uganda

ZIPRA cadre during bayonet-charge practice at Freedom Camp 15 km north of Lusaka #Zambia in 1977 #RhodesianBushWar

1 July 1979: Operation CHICORY, the #Rhodesia SAS heliborne raid on the main ZIPRA arms dump south of Lusaka #Zambia #RhodesianBushwar

#Rhodesia soldiers examine some of the bodies of 14 black laborers and children shot and burned to death by ZANLA guerrillas when they attacked a white-owned farm near Mayo, 135 miles east of Salisbury on 1 July 1978 #RhodesianBushwar

The sudden death of Pierre Nkurunziza creates an opportunity for #Burundi to break with its past. My interview with @BirgitMSchwarz for @hrw

1 July 1967: Interview with #Nigeria leader General Yakubu Gowon on the month-old #Biafra secession #NigerianCivilWar the day before the first offensive of war, Operation UNICORD via @YouTube

The first crash of an RhAF Alouette occurred at New Sarum airbase Salisbury #Rhodesia on 1 July 1970, killing Flt Lt Mike Hill and Sqn Leader Gordon Nettleton

1 July 1962: Belgium granted its territory of Ruanda-Urundi independence as the separate nations of #Rwanda and Kingdom of #Burundi

Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd speaks at 50th anniversary of the National party on 1 July 1964; The party ruled #SouthAfrica from the 1948 election till 1994

30 June 1964: ONUC commander #Nigeria General "Johnny Ironsides" Aguiyi-Ironsi is the last @UN soldier to leave #Congo, its four-year mission at an end; Ironsi would be assassinated in a coup in Nigeria in July 1966

30 June 1990: After three days of rioting over doubling of maize meal prices in which 27 people were killed, a coup attempt against President Kenneth Kuanda of #Zambia failed

30 June 1960: #Congo independence day ceremonies were marred by a militant speech by Premier Patrice Lumumba attacking colonialism

6,000 attended the Funeral service in Umtali #Rhodesia on 29 June 1978 for the 12 missionaries killed by ZANLA guerrillas at Vumba Elim @elimpentecostal mission #RhodesianBushWar


King Baudouin of Belgium has his sword snatched away during a procession in streets of Leopoldville before 100,000 as the King arrived for #Congo independence day ceremonies on 29 June 1960; the man was knocked down and arrested

"France did more culturally for their Africans, Belgium more economically, Britain politically, Portugal did very little and nobody did enough": Patrice Lumumba signs a #Congo-#Belgium friendship pact 29 June 1960

President James Mancham and Prime Minister Albert Rene at a midnight flag-raising ceremony as #Seychelles islands gained independence on 29 June 1976; less than a year later, Rene would lead a coup to overthrow Mancham

29 June 1976: 220 years after being 'annexed' by France, the #Seychelles Islands gained its independence from Britain

28 June 1976- Mercenary Trial: Four mercenaries, three former British paratroopers and an American, were sentenced to death by firing squad and nine others to long prison terms in #Angola #AngolanCivilWar

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