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African History Headlines

African history headlines & news – What was happening this month in the conflict era of previous years.

If you were expecting the other sort of flashbacks, checkout the section on PTSD.  Music news can be found here

Gems, Warlords and Mercenaries: Russia’s Playbook in Central African Republic

Russian Mercenaries Are Driving War Crimes in Central African Republic, U.N. Says

26 June 1960: #Madagascar was granted independence by France; visit by French Premier Michel Debre celebrating independence with first President Philibert Tsirinana via @YouTube

Switzerland Finds Liberian Rebel Leader Guilty of Wartime Atrocities

Boko Haram Leader Really Did Kill Himself, Audio Message Says

16 June 1964: the @StateDept reversed its statement and admitted American citizens had flown combat missions for the #Congo government #SimbaRevolt

#SowetoUprising: a car overturned by rioters wit a mans body pinned underneath on 16 June 1976; the official death toll on 25 june 1976 was 176 killed (two whites) and 1,139 injured(22 policemen) and 1,128 arrested #YouthDay2021

#SowetoUprising: 'armed' policemen firing on rioters during protests outside Johannesburg #SouthAfrica that began as demonstrations against teaching of Afrikaans in schools and turned into riots on 16 June 1976 during which hundreds were killed #YouthDay2021

Selous Scout, and former SAS, Captain Chris Schollenberg receiving the Grand Cross of Valor, #Rhodesia highest award, on 16 June 1978 #RhodesianBushWar

16/23 June 1985- " We can no longer allow our armed activities to be determined solely by the risk of civilian casualties": the ANC Kabwe Conference in #Zambia

16 June 1993: #Nigeria attempt to return to civilian rule ended in farce when military ruler Ibrahim Babangida suspended the result of the presidential election

16 June 1979- The End of the Generals: the execution of Ignatius Acheampong by @AdeyinkaMakinde #Ghana

16 June 1979: former #Ghana head of state Ignatius Acheampong was @executedtoday by firing squad

15 June 1986: in the aftermath of the Gaborone raid by South African recces, at a rally in Salisbury, Robert Mugabe called for formation of an African military force to overthrow the #SouthAfrica government

15 June 1977- Goch Street Shooting: two ANC/MK guerrillas killed two white men while fleeing the police in Johannesburg #SouthAfrica; Solomon Mahlangu would swing from the gallows in Pretoria on 6 April 1979 for the murders

14 June 1993: a referendum in #Malawi rejected the one-party state of Hastings Banda, ending the near three decade rule of one of last post-colonial strongmen

14 June 1985- Operation PLEXI: 89 South African recce operators raided 10 ANC targets in Gaborone #Botswana, killing 15 people

14 June 1986: A ANC/MK car bomb exploded outside the Why Not bar in Durban #SouthAfrica, killing three people and injuring 67 others

2 June 1997: Nigerian Troops of ECOMOG battle putschists of Johnny Paul Koroma and RUF rebels, who invited Foday Sankoh to Freetown to join the AFRC junta the day before, in Sierra Leone #SierraLeoneCivilWar via @YouTube

25 May 1997: a putsch by rebel soldiers sprung Major Johnny Paul Koroma from prison and toppled the elected #SierraLeone government of Ahmed Kabbah #SierraLeoneCIvilWar

12 June 1964- Rivonia Trial: eight radical men were sentenced to life in prison for planning a "violent revolution" against #SouthAfrica @radicaldaily

12 June 1979- "We've got a bloody awful few months ahead of us. A hell of a lot more people are going to die": after news of US President Carter refusal to lift trade sanctions, COMOPS Supremo General Peter Walls interview in Salisbury #Rhodesia #RhodesianBushWar

13 June 1964- Simba Rebellion: ANC Congolese troops led by Army Chief General Joseph Mobutu attacked and defeated the Simbas at Kamaniola south of Bukavu on #Rwanda border #SimbaRevolt

13 June 1994-"The town has been cleared and is under our control": Gitarama, the interim government capital southwest of Kigali #Rwanda, was captured by RPA rebel troops #kwibuka27

12 June 1986- "The choice is between war and a dishonorable, fearful peace": the #SouthAfrica government declared a nation-wide State of Emergency; over 1,000 people were arrested the first day

11 June 1976: the Trial of 13 mercenaries who fought for FNLA on charges of high treason began in Luanda #Angola

Operation SCEPTIC: June 1980 saw the arrival of the Ratel-90, with the turret and gun from the Eland 90; the Ratel had much better range and could carry double the ammo #SouthAfricanBorderWar

10 June 1980- Operation SCEPTIC: 61 Mech BG overland assault on SWAPO Smokeshell base 180 km inside #Angola #SouthAfricanBorderWar

Operation SCEPTIC: Soviet 23 mm and 14.5 mm AA guns used in a ground support role could penetrate the thin-skinned Ratels and accounted for most of the 13 South African KIA at Smokeshell; SWAPO lost 267 killed on 10 June 1980 #SouthAfricanBorderWar

Operation SCEPTIC: SADF 61 mech attack on SWAPO Smokeshell base complex 180 km inside #Angola on 10 June 1980 #SouthAfricanBorderWar

9 June 1983: ANC guerrillas, the Moroka Three, went to the gallows in Pretoria #SouthAfrica, @executedtoday for high treason and the murder of four Black policemen

9-11 June 1986: in a second round of mayhem at the squatter camps near Cape Town #SouthAfrica, a pitched battle between state-supported witdoekies and UDF-aligned comrades left 25 dead and 30,000 homeless

Operation SCEPTIC: the 151 vehicles of 61 Mech battle group left Umuthiya base, refueled at Eenhana and then crossed the cut-line into #Angola for the 50 km march to a TB at Mulemba on 9 June 1980 #SouthAfricanBorderWar

Mixed Algiers patrol, French police in kepis and Moslem auxiliaries on 8 June 1962; the security forces were bing integrated in advance of independence #AlgeriaWar

7 June 1962: OAS delta commandos Albert Dovecar and Claude Piegts were @executedtoday by firing squad outside Paris #AlgerianWar

7 June 1978: at the @SalvArmyIHQ Usher Institute near Figtree southwest of Bulawayo #Rhodesia, ZIPRA guerrillas killed two missionaries and wounded two others #RhodesianBushWar

7 June 1979- "I will do everything within my power to prevail in this situation": US President Jimmy Carter,defying the US Sentate, refused to lift trade sanctions on #Rhodesia #RhodesianBushWar

7 June 1998: a failed putsch by sacked Chief of Staff General Ansumane Mane led to 11 months of civil war in #Guinea-Bisssau

#BurkinaFaso was supposed to be a success story for US military assistance. Instead, it became a casualty of America’s war on terror and is buckling under an insurgency and humanitarian crisis while its army is carrying out extrajudicial killings (thread)

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