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African History Headlines

African history headlines & news – What was happening this month in the conflict era of previous years.

If you were expecting the other sort of flashbacks, checkout the section on PTSD.  Music news can be found here

4 April 1997: #Rwanda RPA troops captured the diamond centre of Mbuji-Mayi in Kasai province central #Zaire #Congo #FirstCongoWar

#Rwanda Hutu refugees camped on railroad tracks south of Kisangani near Ubundu #Zaire on 4 April 1997; Up to 80,000 were in camps which would be attacked by Rwandan allied AFDL irregulars later in April killing thousands #FirstCongoWar #Congo

4 April 1977- SHABA I: Zaire broke off relations with Cuba, claiming it had evidence #Cuba was involved in FNLC invasion of Shaba province from #Angola

The 11-man military committe that ruled #Congo Republic Brazzaville after the asassination of President Marien Ngouabi on 18 March; Joachim Yhombi-Opango (middle front row) was appointed President on 4 April 1977

Battle for Abidjan: A column of heavily armed pick-ups of the forces loyal to President-elect Alassane Ouattara approach the city of Abidjan #IvoryCoast as @UN helicopter gunships attacked positions of Gbagbo forces in the city on 4 April 2011


4 April 2011: @UN helicopter gunships fired on positions of forces loyal to former President Laurent Gbagbo in Abidgan #IvoryCoast as Quattara forces reached the outskirts of the city; a missile attack on a military camp caused a massive explosion

NINE DAYS WAR: SWATF soldiers surround a church hospital in Onanjokwe in search of PLAN guerrillas; three 101 Battalion soldiers were killed on 4 April 1989 #NineDaysWar #Angola #Namibia #SouthAfrica #BorderWar

NINE DAYS WAR: The body of Cpl H Carstens of SADF 1 recon regiment is carried to a plane at Oshakati base in #Namibia; he was killed in fighting near Eenhana where PLAN guerrillas and SWAPOL COIN (Koevoet) units were engaged on 4 April 1989 #NineDaysWar #BorderWar


NINE DAYS WAR: 101 Battalion soldiers, along with five other SWATF battalions who had been de-mobilised, were recalled by agreement with @UN special representative Ahtisaari because of the fighting #Angola #Namibia #borderwar #SouthAfrica #NineDaysWar

3 April 1984- "Without bloodshed-to complete calm, and amid popular rejoicing": One week after the death of long-time rular Sekou Toure, a military junta led by Col. Lansana Conte seized power in #Guinea by a coup d'etat

2 April 2013- Operation SERVAL: French armoured reconnaissance mission to village of Araouane #Mali 250 km northeast of Timbuktu


NINE DAYS WAR: SWA police COIN with some of the 33 PLAN fighters killed in a ambush on afternoon of 1 April 1989 west of Oshikango; the police lost three constables killed, six vehicles in the contact #NineDaysWar #Angola #Namibia #borderwar


Fighters loyal to Alassane Quattara outside Abidjan, #IvoryCoast on 2 April 2011: hundreds were killed in a rapid advance of Quattara forces on the city which aimed to oust Laurent Gbagbo who had refused to leave office after losing an election in December

US President Jimmy Carter and Lt General Olusegun Obasanjo in native garb in Lagos #Nigeria on 2 April 1978; Carter called for a new peace conference for #Rhodesia, and support for the British-American plan which called for a British caretaker government followed by elections

2 April 1994- "I want to say to you the revolution is at hand. Let us begin it": AWB rally in Ventersdorp, plans for the Volkstaat and war #SouthAfrica

NINE DAYS WAR: SWA police constables with SWAPO dead after a contact on 2 April 1989 #NineDaysWar #Angola #SouthAfrica #Borderwar

2 April 2003- The Final Act: In Sun City #SouthAfrica the last agreement was signed by #Congo government and all rebel and opposition groups providing for a transitional government, elections and ending the #SecondCongoWar

1 April 1997- "The Mobutu regime must end": Zaire's Parliament selected long-time opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi as the new Prime Minister #Congo #FirstCongoWar

You can tell a leader's character in time of crisis. Some have responded to the coronavirus by trying to protect their people. But autocrats see it as an opportunity to silence critics and consolidate power. Our health suffers. I explain in @NYBooks:

1 April 2007: The BIRAO PEACE ACCORD was signed by the #CentralAfricanRepublic and the UFDR rebel group, ending the majority of the fighting in the #CentralAfricanRepublicBushWar

Refugees fleeing #Uganda cross into #Kenya as #Tanzania troops and UNLA rebels began final advance on Kampala on 1 April 1979 #UgandaTanzaniaWar

1 April 1989: SWAPO held a rally and attempted a march of its supporters from the black township of Katutura to Windhoek, but was turned back by SWA police #Namibia #Angola


NINE DAYS WAR: Corpses of 21 of the estimated 120 PLAN fighters killed in contacts with SWA police units in the first few days of fighting #Namibia #Angola #NineDaysWar

1-9 April 1989- NINE DAYS WAR: With @UN Resolution 435 and a cease-fire going into effect at midnight, hundreds of SWAPO/PLAN fighters crossed the border from #Angola leading to nine days of fighting with #SouthAfrica police and army units in #Namibia #Borderwar #NineDaysWar

Casspir of SWAPOL COIN, formerly Koevoet, patroling the #Angola/SW Africa border on 31 March 1989 #BorderWar #NineDaysWar

Margaret Thatcher at Windhoek #Namibia with General Prem Chand, head of UNTAG military mission on 1 April 1989; she called for a special session of @UN Security Council due to morning clashes between SWAPO/PLAN and SWAPOL COIN units

31 March 1989: As part of the Tripartite agreement signed in December, #SouthAfrica soldier Johan Papenfus (shown with Cuban soldiers), captured on 4 May 1988 in #Angola, was exchanged for 11 Angolan and four Cuban prisoners at the Angola/#Namibia border #BorderWar

NINE-DAYS WAR "The beginning of a new era": @UN Special Representative #Namibia Martti Ahtisaari arrived at Windhoek airport and held a press conference with #SouthAfrica SWA Adminstrator Louis Pienaar on 31 March 1989 #Angola #BorderWar

31 March 1979- "I'm a spy for #Rhodesia": Afonso Cotoi,
@executedtoday by firing squad in #Mozambique for treason and spying #RhodesianBushWar

Barthelemy Boganda was the leader of the #CentralAfricanRepublic independence movement who died in a plane crash on 29 March 1959; Unfortunately, his death would lead to David Dacko, 'Emperor' Jean-Bedel Bokassa, Dacko reprise, Andre Kolingba, Ange-Felix Patasse, Francoise Bozize

Democratic forces for the Liberation of #Rwanda FDLR fighters in North Kivu province in eastern #Congo March 2015; the FDLR is the latest iteration of Rwandan Hutu army and Iterahamwe militia 'Genocidaires' who formed the ALiR when they fled to #Congo and fought in #FirstCongoWar

31 March 1972: #SouthAfrica created the self-governing black homeland of KwaZulu, one of ten Bantustans, four of which became 'independent'

27 March 1979: Yusuf Lule, President of the newly created UNLF in Moshi #Tanazania at the conclusion of the Moshi Unity Conference held to unite #Uganda resistance groups #UgandaTanzaniaWar via @YouTube

31 March 1997: The former Belgian airbase and rail hub of Kamina in eastern Zaire fell to the advancing #Rwanda RPA and AFDL irregulars, 1.700 km from Kinshasa #Congo #FirstCongoWar

30 March 1979-Kill Nkomo: Selous Scout Martin Broadman was arrested as a spy in #Zambia #Rhodesia #RhodesianBushWar

23 March 2019- Ogossagou Massacre: in the worst atrocity of the recent unrest in #Mali, the Dogon militia Dan Na Ambassagou massacred 152 civilians in the village of Ogossagou

100,000 landmines gone forever.

Last week, HALO destroyed its 100,000th landmine in Zimbabwe.

Thank you @StateDeptPM, @DFID_UK and @MofaJapan_en for making this happen.

30 March 1976: @amnesty released a report which claimed over 60 persons had been hanged since UDI in November 1965, 700 detained some for over 10 years, and torture was routine #Rhodesia #RhodesianBushWar

30 March 1960- "If the natives go over to greater violence, their actions will be met with greater force": A State of Emergency was declared in #SouthAfrica as 30,000 blacks marched on Cape Town to protest arrest of 234 government opponents and pass laws

Crisis in the Sahel Becoming France’s Forever War #Mali #BurkinaFaso #Niger Operation SERVAL BARKHANE @brkinibeachriot

27 March 2002: Ian Smith asserts he has lost his #Zimbabwe citizennship; He had not renounced his British citizenship as required by a new law and his passport renewal was refused via @YouTube

28 March 1988: A #SouthAfrica special forces raid near Gaborone #Botswana killed a ANC commander and three civilians

Police take cover as @IFPinParliament supporters flee as they are fired upon by gunmen at a march in Johannesburg #SouthAfrica supporting Zulu sovereignity on 28 March 1994

28 March 1994: An @IFPinParliament march of 20,000 including armed Impis in Johannesburg #SouthAfrica in support of Zulu Sovereignty saw 55 killed in related violence, including nine shot dead by ANC guards at Shell House HQ


22 March 2012- "A spectacular own goal": Mutinous soldiers staged a coup d'etat in Bamako #Mali and overthrew President Amadou Toure

27 March 1962: The UPA guerrilla group reorganized as the National Front fo the Liberation of #Angola FNLA #AngolanCivilWar

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