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African History Headlines

African history headlines & news – What was happening this month in the conflict era of previous years.

If you were expecting the other sort of flashbacks, checkout the section on PTSD.  Music news can be found here

@ModernConflict Albert-Bernard Bongo (later Omar) was considered a lightweigth place holder but turned out to be a brilliant political talent. He played them all and established a personal rule continued by his son Ali. Ali is only the third President in 60 years of Gabonese independence.

2 December 1967: After the death of Leon M'ba, #Gabon President since independence in 1960, Omar Bongo became President and he would lead until his death in 2009

28 November 1985: Sierra Leone President Siaka Stevens retired at end of his term, and chose armed forces commander Major General Joseph Momoh as his successor #SierraLeone

2 December 1977: In Pretoria #SouthAfrica, an inquest absolved security police of any responsibility for the death of Stephen Biko in September when he was in police custody


2 December 2016: Adama Barrow defeated Yahya Jammeh in The #Gambia presidential election, turning out the leader who had seized power in coup d'état in 1994

2 December 1960: Deposed Premier Patrice Lumumba, arrested in Port Francqui, now Ilebo, was returned to Leopoldville a prisoner of Mobutu; he had fled the capital on 27 November headed for Stanleyville #Congo #CONGO60


2 December 1978: Aftermath of bomb explosions in Windhoek SW Africa #Namibia two days before beginning of biracial elections; SWAPO was boycotting the polling #SouthAfricanBorderWar via @YouTube

A soldier strikes a demonstrator in the head with the butt of his rifle at protests in Santo Domingo on 1 December 1961 against President Dr Joaquin Balaguer of the #DominicanRepublic


1 December 1986: Political activist Dr Fabian Ribeiro and his wife Florence were gunned down by CCB special forces operators at their home in Mamelodi #SouthAfrica

Colin Eglin, head of Progressive Federal party, toasting supporters in Cape Town #SouthAfrica on 1 December 1977; his party won 17 seats in Volksraad to become the official opposition party

Black American Bob Foster defeated white South African Pierre Fourie in Johannesburg - #SouthAfrica 1 December 1973 in 15 round light heavyweight title bout; the first black to defeat a white in South Africa via @YouTube

30 November 1981: Operation KERSLIG, the special forces raid on Petrangol oil refinery in Luanda #Angola #SouthAfricanBorderWar

@ModernConflict 65%. However, as neither the "Coloreds" nor the Asians had any vote it's a limited triumph. The blacks were officially viewed as citizens of their "homelands" and had no vote.

30 November 2000: General Ansumane Mane was killed during a gun battle after a failed putsch of President Kumba Yala of #Guinea-Bissau

28/30 November 1999: The opposition party of Kumba Yala defeated the ruling PAIGC in the #Guinea-Bissau general election; Yala would win the run-off and become President

30 November 1977: Following the demise of the United party, the National party of John Vorster scored an overwhelming victory in the general election, polling 70% of the whites-only popular vote #SouthAfrica

28 November 1966: in Bujumbura #Burundi, King Ntare V was overthrown in a military coup led by Captain Michel Micombero ; the King would be assassinated in 1972

30 November 1966- "One Nigerian army and one country": #Nigeria head of state Lt Col Yakubu Gowon said any move by a region to secede would be met by force #Biafra #NigerianCivilWar

Adama Barrow, the opposition candidate at a rally in Banjul The #Gambia on 30 November 2016 on eve of presidential election; President Yahya Jammeh, who seized power in a coup in 1994, had vowed "to rule for one billion years"

Training at Oshivello, south of Ondangwa, SW Africa for Operation ASKARI in late November 1983 #SouthAfricanBorderWar


Douglas Hoffe campaigning for a seat in Volksraad for the Progressive Federal party, one of the parties that replaced the United party which collapsed earlier in the year, in Johannesburg #SouthAfrica on 29 November 1977

28 November 1973: At a meeting in #Algeria, 15 Arab heads of state announced an embargo on oil exports to #Rhodesia, #SouthAfrica and #Portugal

28 November 1961: After a weekend of fiery speeches by Moise Tshombe threatening war with the UN, two @UN officials were dragged from a dinner party in Elisabethville by Katangese soldiers and beaten severely #Congo #CONGO60

28 November 1992: A APLA/PAC gun attack on the King Williams Town Golf Club in the Eastern Cape #SouthAfrica killed four whites and injured 17 others

Jailed, Exiled and Silenced: Smothering East Africa’s Political Opposition: In #Uganda, the most prominent opposition candidate, Bobi Wine, has been tear-gassed, arrested and beaten by the police, held in solitary confinement,

Operation DRAGON NOIR: Belgian paracommando with MAG and a C-130 at Paulis air strip on 27 November 1964 #SimbaRevolt #Congo #CONGO60

26/27 November 1964: Operation DRAGON NOIR, the Belgian paracommando air assault on Paulis, 280 km northeast of Stanleyville #Congo #SimbaRevolt #CONGO60

Operation VIRILE: setting the demolition charges to blow one of the six bridges between Dombe and Espungabera #Mozambique 27-30 November 1977; the column carried 12 tons of gelignite to do the job #RhodesianBushWar

Operation VIRILE : a gunner in the Selous Scout column on the road to Dombe #Mozambique 27 November 1977 #RhodesianBushWar

Operation VIRILE: The Selous Scout column stomps through Goi-Goi in southern #Mozambigue 27-30 November 1977 its mission to drop six bridges #RhodesianBushWar

Operation VIRILE: One of the eight heavily armed Unimogs, this one armed with a 14.5 mm AA gun, in the Selous Scout flying column that blew up six bridges between Dombe and Espungabera in #Mozambique 27-30 November 1977 #RhodesianBushWar

26/27 November 1960: Former Army chief General Victor Lundula and deposed Premier Patrice Lumumba escaped detention in Leopoldville and fled towards Stanleyville #Congo #CONGO60


25/26 November 1961: "let us prepare for War. Not all of you will have guns, but we still have our poisoned arrows, our spears, our axes": Katanga President Moise Tshombe prepares to resist @UN military action #CONGO60

24 November 1961: The @UN Security Council passed a resolution authorizing the use of force to secure the immediate withdrawal of all foreign military personnel including mercenaries from #Congo #CONGO60

Operation DINGO, Zulu 2: A Dakota with RLI paratroopers descends over Lake Cabora Bassa on their final run-in to the ZANLA base at Tembue, 200 km inside #Mozambique 26 November 1977 #RhodesianBushWar

Operation DINGO, Zulu 2: Alouettes at the Chiswiti airstrip, used as a HAA, 18 km from the #Mozambique border 26 November 1977 #Rhodesia #RhodesianBushWar

Operation DINGO, Zulu 2: G-car flying low over Cahora Bassa Dam #Mozambique on the Zambezi, on the way back from Tembue 26 November 1977 #Rhodesia #RhodesianBorderWar

25 November 1982: The Chief Minister of Ovamboland, Pastor Corneliius Ndjoba, and five of his bodyguards were killed in a SWAPO landmine explosion #Namibia #SouthAfricanBorderWar

#SouthAfrica Foreign Minister RF 'Pik' Botha with US Secretary of State George Schultz: Botha rejected any suggestion of a peace-keeping force to replace Cubans troops in #Angola 26 November 1982

24 November 1965: In an army coup, Major-General Joseph Mobutu seized power, dismissing President Kasavubu and Premier Kimba #Congo

"(Jerry) Rawlings introduced something quite new into African politics. He established the idea that there are laws of natural justice that not even military men can evade. Even political generals are accountable to the law; nobody is outside the law."

- Emeka Ojukwu, Sept.1981.

Flight Lieutenant Jerry John RAWLINGS (1947-2020).

Former Military and Civilian Head of State of Ghana.

Photographed at a press conference held on January 20th 1982 after seizing power in a military coup on New Year's Eve 1981.


25 November 1985- "It's hit! it's going down!" Operation CERBERUS: A 5 Recce team and UNITA shot down a Antonov An-12 cargo plane, used to supply FAPLA forces, with a captured SA-9 missile outside Menongue #Angola, killing all 21 on board #AngolanCivilWar #SouthAfricanBorderWar


C.I.A. Officer Is Killed in Somalia

24 November 1971 "Rhodesia will be kept in civilized hands" Home-Smith Agreement: Ian Smith and #Britain Foreign Secretary Alec Douglas Home reached an agreement on #Rhodesia independence with majority rule in an unspecified future

African students and Bulgarians protest in Sofia #Bulgaria US/Belgium intervention in #Congo 25 November 1964 #SimbaREvolt

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