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African History Headlines

African history headlines & news – What was happening this month in the conflict era of previous years.

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23 February 1979- Operation GROVEL: #Rhodesia air force Canberra bombers struck the major ZIPRA base Nampundwe camp west of Lusaka #Zambia #RhodesianBushWar

23 February 1964:Aftermath of failed coup d'etat of #Gabon President Leon M'ba that was crushed by French troops via @YouTube

17-20 February 1964: An attempted coup of #France-ally President Leon M'ba in Libreville #Gabon was crushed by French troops rushed in from #Senegal and Brazzaville

23 February 1986: Thirteen convicted, sentenced to be executed by firing squad for the December 1985 coup attempt to overthrow General Ibrahim Babangida #Nigeria via @YouTube

“a beautiful woman — but also a dangerous woman, perhaps the most dangerous in all Africa.”: Overlooked No More: Andrée Blouin, Voice for Independence in Africa

22 February 1969: Aftermath of Federal #Nigeria bombing of Omoba #Biafra #NigerianCivilWar via @YouTube

22 February 2002: UNITA rebel leader Jonas Savimbi was killed in Moxico Province #Angola 700 km southeast of Luanda, leading to the end of 27 years of the #AngolanCivilWar

21 February 1961: It was announced 12 former aides of slain #Congo Premier Patrice Lumumba were @executedtoday immediately after being delivered to Bakwanga, now Mbuji-Mayi, in the secessionist Kasai Mining State of Albert Kalonji

After hearing the news of @UN resolution 161, Premier Moise Tshombe of the breakaway #Congo province of Katanga said he was prepared to take up arms against the UN and ordered general mobilisation of his forces 21 February 1961

21 February 1961: A week after the assassination of elected former Premier Patrice Lumumba was revealed, The
@UN Security Council passed Resolution 161 authorizing the use of force to prevent civil war in #Congo


21 February 2013- Operation SERVAL: French troops killed 20 rebels in street fighting when Islamist fighters launched a surprise attack on Gao in the Niger bend #Mali


"To replace a white dictatorship with a black one, then slip off back to Whitehall as quickly as possible would be perfidious" said the @TheEconomist as Bishop Muzorewa campaigns for the election in Southern #Rhodesia on 21 February 1980

Ballot boxes under guard near Mt. Darwin #Rhodesia on 20 February 1980; the election was scheduled for three days beginning 27 February

20 February 2016: Faustin Touadera was declared the winner of a run-off election and became President of the #CentralAfricanRepublic

14 February 1980- Operation HECTIC: Selous Scout Church bombings around Salisbury #Rhodesia to discredit ZANLA; Two Selous Scouts were killed when one bomb exploded prematurely #RhodesianBushWar

20 February 1978: Two days after FROLINAT/FAP rebels captured provincial capital of Faya-Largeau from #Chad army, France intervened with Operation TAUCAUD #Tchad #ChadianCivilWar

20 February 1973: Journalist Peter Niesewand became the first white since former Prime Minister Garfield Todd to be arrested under emergency laws #Rhodesia #RhodesianBushWar

19 February 1987-Operation DUIKER: Ron Reid-Daly and the SADF-planned #Transkei raid to assassinate President Lennox Sebe at the Presidential Palace in Bisho #Ciskei

19 February 1988 Oshakati bomb blast:: A 50 lb bomb attributed to SWAPO/PLAN exploded in the First National Bank in Oshakati SW Africa /#Namibia killing 27 people and injuring 70 others #BorderWar


Battle of Bulawayo February 1981: ZIPRA BTR-152 knocked out by Eland-90 armoured car troop during clashes between ZIPRA and ZANLA guerrillas that left 260 dead; Mugabe was forced to rely on the remaining white-led RAR units in the ZNA to quell the uprising #Zimbabwe #Rhodesia


19 February 2013- Operation SERVAL: a French Foreign Legionnaire was killed in heavy fighting with Islamist militants in the Ifoghas massif on the #Algeria border #Mali


#Guinea: Fear of Further Crackdown as Constitutional Poll Nears. Referendum on 1 March could clear way for President to run for a third term which he is barred from doing; 30 killed in protests since October

19 February 1961: Riots in London outside the #Belgium embassy over the killing of Patrice Lumumba in #Congo and The Belgian embassy in Belgrade was sacked; In 2001, Belgium admitted he was killed by Katangese with active role of Belgian officers

19 February 1978: #SouthAfrica soldier Johan van der Mescht was captured by SWAPO/PLAN at Elundu near the #Angola border #BorderWar

#Zimbabwe: Violence and Rape by Government Forces after protests beginning 14 January 2019; 17 were killed via @YouTube

EU Renews #Zimbabwe Arms Embargo, Asset Freeze Against State-Owned Military Company, Zimbabwe Defense Industries, until recommendations of commission into human rights abuses by security forces after 2018 election are addressed

18 February 1978: Libyan-backed FROLINAT/FAP rebels led by Goukouni Oueddei defeated the #Tchad #Chad army and captured Faya-Largeau, leading to French intervention in Operation TACAUD #ChadianCivilWar

18 February 1965-"There's not a cow in #Gambia that doesn't know me personally": #Gambia, #Africa smallest nation, gained its independence, as former veterinarian David Jawara was named its first Prime minister

18 February 1977: Black troops in the #Rhodesia army training #RhodesianBushWar via @YouTube

Operation SUKOLA: Congolese soldiers of the @FARDC_ after they took control of a ADF rebel camp near Kimbau North Kivu #Congo #DRC #DRCongo on 18 February 2018

18 February 1982: The SAS frigate President Kruger sank off the coast of #SouthAfrica after colliding with the SAS Tafelberg while conducting exercises in the south Atlantic; thanks to @VWSFire for the attached information


17 February 1982- "The only way to deal effectively with a snake is to strike and destroy its head": Joshua Nkomo was sacked from the unity government along with three other ZAPU ministers #Zimbabwe

Army Generals Running Mining, Fuel Cartels in #Zimbabwe, says a study by @RANDCorporation via @allafrica

17 February 1990- "The wind from the east is shaking the coconut trees": #Gabon President Omar Bongo foretold that upheaval in eastern Europe would lead to unrest and democratic changes in #Africa

17 February 2017: Video purported to show massacre of at least 13 civilians in Kasai Province by @FARDC_ Congolese Army soldiers #Congo

Operation SERVAL: French Nexter Systems VBCI IFV's at Bourem in the Niger bend in eastern #Mali on 17 February 2013

17 February 1978: At the @UN #Chad accuses #Libya of backing FROLINAT rebels and occupying parts of northern #Tchad via @YouTube

Gunmen have killed 24 people and wounded 18 in an attack on a Protestant church in a village in northern #BurkinaFaso, officials said Monday via @Yahoo

Operation BISON- "Imbecile, its your fault": French Foreign legionnaires intervened in April 1969 when de Gaulle sent 3,000 soldiers to #Tchad in a military operation to fight FROLINAT rebels 16 February 1970 #Chad

31 Reported Dead in Ogossagou in central #Mali, as Attackers Return to Scene of a Massacre where 150 were killed last March

16 February 1991- Return to Sender: In Johannesburg #SouthAfrica, ANC activist and lawyer Bheki Mlangeni was killed by a Vlakplaas security police parcel bomb intended for a former commander Dirk Coetzee

16 February 1990: The Constitutional assembly unanimously elected Sam Nujoma as the first President of #Namibia, which would gain independence on 21 March

16 February 1984: In Lusaka #Zambia, representatives of #SouthAfrica, #Angola and the US agreed to a disengagement plan that would see South African and SWAPO forces removed from an specified area of Angola monitored by a Joint Monitoring Commission #BorderWar

16 February 1976-"We cannot accept a minority regime imposed on our people by Cuban troops and Russian tanks": In a statement, UNITA announced it would continue its armed struggle as guerrilla warfare #Angola #AngolanCivilWar

15 February 1978: After 37 rounds of internal settlement talks, #Rhodesia Prime Minister Ian Smith and three black leaders, Jeremiah Chirau, Elliot Gabellah and Bishop Muzorewa, announced they had reached an agreement on a transfer to black majority rule #RhodesianBushWar

12/15 February 1979- First Battle of N'Djamena: An attempted coup by Prime Minister Hissen Habre saw 500 people killed in three days of street fighting; the coup failed but the Felix Malloum government would be replaced in March #Tchad #Chad

Witness to Operation HOOPER- Johan Kooij February 1988 #BorderWar #Angola via @YouTube

14 February 1976-"These foul cravens are sending them to their graves": American black leaders criticized right-wing CORE leader Roy Innis, who said he had recruited 300 black Americans to fight for UNITA #AngolanCivilWar

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