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African History Headlines

African history headlines & news – What was happening this month in the conflict era of previous years.

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13 February 1979- Battle of Simba Hills: Idi Amin's troops were routed again on the road to Masaka #Uganda #Tanzania

Roy Innis, who as director of CORE in 1976 recruited black Americans to fight for Savimbi in #Angola, brawls on the Geraldo show with white supremacist John Metzger in 1988 for calling him an "Uncle Tom" via @YouTube #BlackHistoryMonth

14 February 1976- "These foul cravens are sending them to their graves": American black leaders criticized CORE director Roy Innis' efforts to recruit black Americans to fight for #SouthAfrica-backed UNITA and Jonas Savimbi in #Angola #BlackHistoryMonth @_themovementisu

DR #Congo: Post-Election Killings Test New President

Operation Hooper: Four #SouthAfrica soldiers were killed and three injued when Ratel 22C was destroyed by tank fire, all the casualties on the 14 February 1988 attack #Angola

14 February 1988- Operation Hooper: The Valentines Day attack on FAPLA 59 Brigade at Cuito Cuanavale #Angola #SouthAfrica

13 February 1975: MPLA fighters loyal to Agostinho Neto attacked the HQ of the Chipenda faction in Luanda, forcing them to flee the capital #Angola

12 February 1979: 59 people were killed when a Air Rhodesia Vickers Viscount was shot down by ZIPRA guerrillas near Kariba, #Rhodesia

11 February 1976: The UNITA HQ town of Silva Porto, now Kuito, fell to Cuban-backed MPLA forces #Angola

11 February 1990: Nelson Mandela was released from prison #SouthAfrica via @YouTube

The 15 foot wide crater in the road left by the bomb explosion as Robert Mugabes motorcade passed on the way to the airport after a rally in Fort Victoria #Rhodesia on 10 February 1980 #Zimbabwe

10 February 1980: After a @ZANUPF_Official rally in Fort Victoria, an assassination attempt on Robert Mugabe by the #Rhodesia SAS failed when a bomb exploded in his motorcade #Zimbabwe

9 February 1980- "The Governor can go hang": @ZANUPF_Official candidate Enos Nkala, was banned from the election campaign by Lord Soames for incitement #Rhodesia #Zimbabwe

"We didn't even fire a peashooter" said Maj. Gen. David Kreil as police dispersed thousands of student rioters with tear gas in Soweto #SouthAfrica on 9 February 1977; At least 176 were killed by police in Soweto riots in June 1976

9 February 1977: Ian Smith and John Vorster met in Cape Town #SouthAfrica for first talks since Kissinger agreement in September #Rhodesia via @YouTube

9 February 1976: #Cuba -backed MPLA/FAPLA forces captured the central #Angola city of Huambo, the UNITA/FNLA capital

8 February 1980: Electoral officials under Colonial Governor Lord Soames reported that due to widespread intimidation by Robert Mugabes guerrillas, in half of the country campaigning by other parties had become impossible #Rhodesia #Zimbabwe

7 February 1975: MPLA President Agostinho Neto arrives in Luanda #Angola after 14 years in exile via @YouTube

MPLA President Dr Agostinho Neto arrives in Luanda #Angola after 14 years in exile 7 February 1975

"When you hear a missionary preaching you think he is filling your people with imperialist ideas and suddenly you'd like to kill him": seven white missionaries slain by guerrillas at St Pauls Mission at Musami 7 February 1977 #Rhodesia

Nelson Mandela campaigning in Tweespruit in the Orange Free State #SouthAfrica 6 February 1994

6 February 1976: The notorious mercenary commander known as Colonel Tony Callan was captured, along with five other mercenaries, by Cuban/FAPLA forces near Quibocolo in northern #Angola

A MPLA/FAPLA T-34 tank crossing a pontoon bridge over the M'Bridge River in in northern #Angola as #Cuba /Angolan forces advanced towards Santo Antonio de Zaire (now Soyo) on 5 February 1976

4 February 1961: A MPLA raid on Luanda's Sao Paulo prison and radio station that killed seven policemen and 40 attackers began the armed struggle against #Portugal's colonial rule in #Angola

The funeral of slain #Mozambique Liberation movement #FRELIMO founder Eduardo Mondlane in Dar es Salaam #Tanzania ; he was assassinated by a mail bomb blast on 3 February 1969

3 February 1969: Dr. Eduardo Mondlane, founder of #FRELIMO #Mozambique liberation movement, was assassinated by a mail bomb in Dar es Salaam #Tanzania

3 February 1960: British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan made his "Wind of Change" speech before the Volksraad in Cape Town #SouthAfrica which foretold the independence of African colonies #Rhodesia

4 February 1980: President Mobutu Sese Seko declared opposition political parties would not be tolerated "as long as he was alive" #Congo

A rally for the @MYANC in Alexandra township, Johannesburg #SouthAfrica on 3 February 1990 after de Klerk's announcement legalising the ANC and release of political prisoners

2 February 1990- "The season of violence is over. The time for reconstruction and reconciliation has arrived": #SouthAfrica President FW de Klerk announced the legalisation of @MYANC, PAC and Communist party and political prisoners would be released

2 February 1976- Witness to Maquela Massacre of 14 Mercenaries by Col Callan: Peter McAleese describes the massacre and follow up Inquiry with Holden Roberto and execution of Sammy Copeland #Angola via @YouTube

Moise Tshombe meets with #Congo Minister and former Premeir Joseph Ileo in Elisabethville on 1 February 1963 a week after the end of the Katanga rebellion; the @UN released a report that its forces lost 127 killed since the ONUC mission began in July 1960

Mercenaries led by "Colonel Callan", a Cypriot-born British national whose real name was Costas Georgiou, in January 1976; Holden Roberto hired several hundred mercenaries as the FNLA position collapsed in early 1976 #Angola

Holden Roberto reviews FNLA troops #Angola; The FNLA was considered the best disciplined and armed guerrilla group at the start of the civil war in 1975

Mercenaries arrive at Heathrow Airport London as they head to #Angola to fight for Holden Robertos FNLA 31 January 1976

30 January 1979: In a referendum, 85% of the white electorate agreed to the internal settlement with black leaders which provided for limited black rule with safeguards for whites #Rhodesia #Zimbabwe

A white Rhodesian soldier being upbraided by a black NCO in Llewellin Barracks in Bulawayo, #Rhodesia #Zimbabwe 30 January 1979

30 January 1981-Operation Beanbag: The #SouthAfrica Recce flying column raid on @MYANC/ MK houses in Matola #Mozambique killed up to 30 ANC guerrillas and three Recce operators

25 January 1980- Silverton Bank Hostage Siege: Three @MYANC /MK guerrillas took 25 hostages in a bank outside Pretoria #SouthAfrica; the three gunmen and two hostages were killed when police stormed the bank

‘Along the Main Road You See the Graves’: @UN Says Hundreds Killed in #Congo

Rhodesian soldiers gather arms captured from nationalist guerrillas 29 January 1977; In 1976, the #Rhodesia economy shrank for the first time since independence as all goods now had to be transported through #SouthAfrica since #Mozambique shut its border in March 1976

28 January 1984 : In Cape Town #SouthAfrica, The SADF displayed for the press the complete SA-9 missile system captured intact in Cuvelai during Operation Askari

Several of 71 ZANU dissidents detained in #Mozambique returning to Salisbury Southern #Rhodesia; they had to be released before Governor Lord Soames allowed Robert Mugabe to return 28 January 1980

A family arrives in their mine protected vehicle for a get together of farmers and 3 commando RLI at the Leopard Rock Hotel in eastern Southern #Rhodesia on 27 January 1980

28 January 1976: #SouthAfrica Foreign Minister RF Pik Botha speaking at the @UN via @YouTube

28 January 1972- "A Seedbed of Bloody Revolution": Bishop Muzorewa and black ANC leaders met with Lord Pearce and rejected the Home-Smith Accord on #Rhodesia independence

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