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African History Headlines

African history headlines & news – What was happening this month in the conflict era of previous years.

If you were expecting the other sort of flashbacks, checkout the section on PTSD.  Music news can be found here

5 March 1986- " #Nigeria, our spirits shall rise again": General Mamman Vatsa and nine others were @executedtoday by firing squad for an alleged coup plot to overthrow military ruler Ibrahim Babangida

4/5 March 1961- Battle for Matadi: after a two-day battle with FAC, @UN ONUC troops were driven from the #Congo river port city of Matadi, 350 km southwest of Leopoldville

5 March 1979: Ian Smith closes last session of white-dominated #Rhodesia parliament #RhodesianBushWar via @YouTube

4 March 1978: Aftermath of bomb blast in Salisbury #Rhodesia day after announcement of Internal agreement with Black leaders #RhodesianBushWar via @YouTube

3 March 1976: #Mozambique closed its border with #Rhodesia and seized all Rhodesian assets in the country #RhodesianBushWar

3 March 1981: #Zimbabwe Prime Minister Robert Mugabe speaking at a rally in Salisbury, now Harare, on first anniversary of election via @YouTube

Cheering supporters of Robert Mugabe pass #Rhodesia soldiers guarding Black township outside Salisbury after his election victory on 4 March 1980 #ZImbabwe

Pierre Lagaillarde emerges from the Barricades and surrenders at the collapse of the insurrection on 1 February 1960; On 2 March 1961 he was sentenced to 10 years in abstentia; he finished out the #AlgerianWar a captive guest of the Spanish government on the Canary islands

2 March 1961- BARRICADES Trial: 13 of the 19 defendants were acquitted of the weeklong insurrection in Algiers in January 1960; Leaders Joe Ortiz got death and Pierre Lagaillarde 10 years #AlgerianWar

President de Gaulle straps into a helicopter leaving for a base in Batna on his three-day inspection tour in #Algeria 3-5 March 1960 #AlgerianWar

4 March 1980- "Let us join together": Robert Mugabe won the Southern #Rhodesia independence election with 63% of vote and became Prime Minister of #Zimbabwe

29 February 1984: After UNITA captured 16 British nationals at Cafunfo, #Angola released the remaining seven British mercenaries it had held since 1976 #AngolanCivilWar

25 February 2009: Three Revolutionary United Front commanders were convicted of war crimes by the Special Court for #SierraLeone in Freetown #SierraLeoneCivilWar

2/3 March 2013- Operation SERVAL: Battle for Ametettai ; French lost second soldier killed in Ifoghas Massif in eastern #Mali

"Short trial of captured Guerrilla": from 15 June 1970 @derspiegel Portuguese soldiers happily beheading a FRELIMO suspect with a machete, and then holding his head aloft by the ears

"Short trial of captured Guerrilla": from 15 June 1970 @derspiegel, Portuguese soldiers happily beheading a FRELIMO suspect with a machete, and then holding his head aloft by the ears

Thomas Sankara, President of the National Council of the Revolution CNR, in March 1986 at Bobo-Dioulasso, 350 km southwest of the capital of Ouagadougou #BurkinaFaso

2-4 March 1979- Battle of Tororo: #Uganda rebels were routed at Tororo, 160 km east Of Kampala, in one of Amin's few victories in #UgandaTanzaniaWar

3 March 1978: #Rhodesia Prime Minister Ian Smith signed a agreement with three internal Black leaders to tranfer power to a Black majority government #RhodesianBushWar

French troops trying to contained rioting in Casbah, the Moslem quarter in Algiers on 2 March 1962; 60 were killed in #Algeria, 32 in Algiers mostly Moslems by the OAS, one of the highest totals of the six year #AlgerianWar

2 March 1970: #Rhodesia proclaimed itself a Republic

#Nigeria President-elect Olusegun Obansanjo flanked by former military rulers Ibrahim Babangida(1985-1993) and Yakubu Gowon(1966-1975) 2 March 1999

"When the missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land, and the missionaries had the bible. They taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the bible”: Jomo Kenyatta

Operation PANTHERE 3: soldiers of 2 REP Foreign Legion on search and destroy mission in Ifoghas Massif in eastern #Mali during SERVAL on 1 March 2013

And Seretse Khama, known for his economic policies that benefited #Botswana, edges out Juliius Nyerere of #Tanzania, undisputed leader of the liberation struggle in southern Africa, in our poll. Thanks to the 132 who participated!

1 March 1976-"We cannot limit ourselves to our own independence": From Brazzaville #Congo Republic, #Angola President Agostinho Neto suggests a wider conflict for southern Africa #AngolanCivilWar

24/25 February 1979- "The whole town is on fire": Tanzanian troops captured Mbarara and Masaka, 130 km southwest of Kampala #Uganda #UgandaTanzaniaWar

"This is the day we've all been waiting for comrades. Action, comrades, action!": ZANLA guerrillas ford a river, stacked their weapons before going to a voting station to cast ballot on last day of three-day election in #Rhodesia 29 February 1980

28 February 1962: Two OAS car bombs exploded in Moslem quarter of western coastal city of Oran #Algeria, killing 30 and injuring 32 #AlgerianWar

1 March 1998: Jonas Savimbi was a no -show for meeting with #Angola President Eduardo dos Santos to culminate peace process in #AngolanCivilWar

1 March 1988- HOOPER'S last throw: Witness to second attack on Tumpo Triangle, 61 Mech OC Commandant Mike Muller #Angola #SouthAfricanBorderWar

At a midnight ceremony on 1 March 1994, the #SouthAfrica flag is lowered for last time at Walvis Bay as the coastal enclave and 12 islands were turned over to #Namibia

28 February 1961: #Congo premier Joseph Ileo signed a defense pact with secession leader Tshombe and Kalonji in Elisabethville

27 February 1961: President de Gaulle and #Tunisia President Bourguiba met at Rambouillet #France ; this was the prelude to the direct talks between the GPRA/FLN and French government at Evian in May to end the #AlgerianWar