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African History Headlines

African history headlines & news – What was happening this month in the conflict era of previous years.

If you were expecting the other sort of flashbacks, checkout the section on PTSD.  Music news can be found here

10 April 1976: The OAU commission of Inquiry into the killing of #ZANUPF chair Herbert Chitepo determined ZANLA chief Josiah Tongogara was responsible; Chitepo actually was killed by #Rhodesia Intelligence operators

9 April 1997: AFDL/#Rwanda forces captured Lubumbashi as #Angola intervened in the First #Congo war on the side of the rebels #FirstCongoWar

Americans and Europeans arrive at #Burundi border town of Kanyaru fleeing the violence that engulfed #Rwanda capital of Kigali on 9 April 1994 #Kwibuka25

RPF/RPA soldiers firing mortars at #Rwanda @RwandaGov troops near Byumba, north of Kigali on 9 April 1994 #Kwibuka25

The Battle for #Zaire : Mobutu dismissed Etienne Tshisekedi as Prime Minister as his UDPS party supporters clashed with the Army in the third day of street protests 7-9 April 1997 #FirstCongoWar #Congo

#Uganda civilians cheering a #Tanzania Type-59 tank rolling though the suburbs of Kampala on 7 April 1979; the city would be captured four days later #UgandaTanzaniaWar

25 Years Later, #Rwanda Grapples With Legacy of Genocide and Questions of Blame #Kwibuka25

6 April 1994: Presidents Juvénal Habyarimana of #Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira of #Burundi were killed when their plane was shot down just before landing in Kigali airport #Kwibuka25

"My blood will nourish the tree that bears the fruits of freedom": Black nationalist @MYANC guerrilla Solomon Mahlangu was @executedtoday by hanging in #SouthAfrica 6 April 1979

In #Libya, Khalifa Haftar's Militia Advances on Capital, Raising Prospect of Renewed Civil War; Haftar was captured by #Chad in 1987 #ToyotaWar and the former CIA client led a failed uprising against Qadddafi in 1996

The 11 man military committee that ruled the #Congo Republic after the assassination of Marien Ngouabi on 18 March; Yhombi-Opango, middle front row, was appointed President on 4 April 1977

#NineDayWar: The body of Cpl H Carstens of 1 Recon Regiment SADF is carried to a plane at Oshakati base in #Namibia; He was killed in fighting with #SWAPO guerrillas on 4 April 1989 #SouthAfrica

#NineDayWar: Soldiers of the SWA Territorial Forces (SWATF) surround a church in Onandjokwe #Namibia in search of some of the 1,500 #SWAPO guerrillas who had infiltrated since the @UN cease-fire; 4 April 1989

3 April 1997 "I will see my brother Kabila": In an attempt to halt the rebellion in the east, Mobutu appointed long time opposition leader Etienne Tshisekidi as the new Prime Minister of Zaire #Congo #FirstCongoWar

Operation Merlyn, the #NineDayWar: #SouthAfrica Buffels called out after #SWAPO/ PLAN incursion into #Namibia on 1 April after @UN cease-fire, stand by outside Ondangwa Air Base; 1-9 April 1989 #Angola

2 April 1977 Shaba I #Zaire Chief of Staff Bumba Maoso: "I confirm my soldiers have seen Russian, Cubans and Portuguese" #Congo

2 April 1994 "I want to say to you that the revolution is at hand. Let us begin it”: Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) meeting in Ventersdorp #SouthAfrica and a call to arms

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, on a state trip to #SouthAfrica , flew to Windhoek #Namibia to visit British troops in @UN UNTAG force; she would not countenance release of troops to combat SWAPO infiltration 1 April 1989

#NineDayWar: SWATF and police dig mass grave for 41 SWAPO/PLAN guerrillas who were killed after infiltrating into #Namibia in violation of @UN cease-fire; 1-9 April 1989

Refugees fleeing #Uganda cross into #Kenya as #Tanzania troops and UNLA rebels advance on Kampala on 1 April 1979 #UgandaTanzaniaWar

#Rhodesia spy Afonso Joao Cotoi, @executedtoday by firing squad, with immediate effect, by the The Tribunal Militar Revolucionário (TMR) in #Mozambique on 31 March 1979

30 March 1976: @amnesty released a pamphlet entitled "Briefing #Rhodesia/ #Zimbabwe " which claimed 60 persons had been hanged since UDI, 700 were detained, some for over 10 years, and torture was routine

29 March 1988: The Paris representative of @myanc, Dulcie September, was assassinated outside the ANC office in Paris #France #SouthAfrica

28 March 1988: A #SouthAfrica Special Forces raid on a ANC house in Gaborone killed the @MYANC /MK commander in #Botswana and three civilians

Operation SAVANNAH: The last #SouthAfrica SADF units in #Angola cross the Cunene River at Ruacana into SW Africa 27 March 1976

25-29 March 1965 Operation White Giant: #Rhodesia South African mercenaries and Katangan gendarmes of 5 Commando capture Aru, Aba, Faradji and Watsa from Simbas; 32 years later, Tavernier would lead Mobutu mercenaries again in 1997 #Congo

25 March 2013: Seleka guerrillas toppled the #CentralAfricanRepublic government of President Francoise Bozize, who fled to #Cameroon ; Michel Djotida became the new leader

SHABA I: Zaire government troops arriving at Kolwezi airfield to combat the two week old FNLC guerrilla invasion from #Angola 25 March 1977 #Congo

25 March 1978: The leaders of the front-line states of #Zambia, #Botswana, #Mozambique and #Tanzania met in Dar es Salaam with Patriotic Front to discuss the Salisbury Agreement reached by Ian Smith #Rhodesia and moderate black leaders

25 March 1977 "The only way to deal with counter revolutionaries is to cut off their heads": Alphonse Massamba-Debat was @executedtoday by firing squad a week after the assassination of #Congo Brazzaville President Marien Ngouabi

24 March 1977: Combined Operations HQ, Com-Ops ,was formed to direct the #Rhodesia war effort under unified command with Army commander Peter Walls as Supremo and Air Marshall Mick McLaren his deputy

24 March 1979- Conjuring a revolution : The Moshi Unity Conference convened in Moshi #Tanzania #UgandaTanzaniaWar to unite anti-Amin #Uganda opposition

23 March 1988 Operation PACKER- Witness to Tumpo 3: Commandant Gerhard Louw, commander of the Olifants of Regiment President Steyn, who won the Honoris Crux #Angola #SouthAfrica; third failed attack at Cuito Cuanavale

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