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African History Headlines

African history headlines & news – What was happening this month in the conflict era of previous years.

If you were expecting the other sort of flashbacks, checkout the section on PTSD.  Music news can be found here

15 May 1979: the US Senate passed an non-binding amendment, 75-19, asking President Carter abide by 1978 law to lift sanctions within two-weeks of installation of #Zimbabwe- #Rhodesia Muzorewa government under certain conditions #RhodesiaBushWar

15 May 1978: #Zambia President Kennth Kaunda meeting with Prime Minister James Callaghan and Foreign Secretary David Owen in London via @YouTube

15 May 1976: Lt-General Olusegun Obasanjo Announces Execution of coup plotters including Lt Colonel Bukar Dimka #Nigeria via @YouTube

15 May 1976: Lt Colonel Bukar Dimka and six coup plotters, @executedtoday by firing squad in Lagos #Nigeria

A pro-government soldier covers up the body of a dead RUF rebel fighter near Masiaka 60 km from Freetown #SIerraLeone on 15 May 2000 #SierraLeoneCivilWar

15 May 1964- Simba Rebellion: SImba rebels captured the town of Uvira on top of Lake Tanganyika in eastern #Congo #SimbaRevolt

15 May 1997: Mobutu had the body of former President of #Rwanda Juvenal Habyarimana cremated in Kinshasa #FirstCongoWar

15 May 1973: two Canadian tourists were killed by Zambian soldiers at Victoria Falls #Rhodesia #RhodesianBushWar

15 May 1979: Tanzanian Troops Destroy a Convoy of Retreating #Uganda Soldiers fleeing from Lira in final battle of #UgandaTanzaniaWar via @YouTube

The column of Amin army vehicles burn after being ambushed by Tanzanians north of Lira on 15 May 1979; over 70 #Uganda soldiers were killed to four Tanzanians in final battle of #UgandaTanzaniaWar

Tanzanian troops board the ferry to cross Lake Kyoga in central #Uganda to attack Amin soldiers at Lira by surprise from the south on 15 May 1979 #UgandaTanzaniaWar

14 May 2000- Operation PALLISER: British Chief of Defence General Sir Charles Guthrie arrived in Freetown #Sierraleone to meet with President Ahmed Kabbah; RUF released 157 of over 500 @UN soldiers held hostage #SierraLeoneCivilWar via @YouTube

RCD MUTINY-war crimes in Kisangani: over 100 military and police were brought to the Tshopo bridge and summarily executed and thrown into river during suppression of the revolt in Kisangani on 14 May 2002 #SecondCongoWar

14 May 2002- RCD MUTINY: over 160 were killed in reprisals to mutiny by RCD rebel soldiers in Kisangani #Congo #SecondCongoWar

14 May 1958- The Fall of the Fourth Republic: The National Assembly voted to approve Pierre Pflimlin as the new Prime Minister of #France #AlgerianWar

14 May 1958- The Fall of the fourth Republic: new Premier Pierre Pflimlin speaks to #France after national assembly vote - Vidéo via @Inafr_officiel

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Witness to fire force contact northwest of Mt Darwin #Rhodesia on 14 May 1976, Alouette pilot Mike Borlace, during which RLI Captain Len Pitch was mortally wounded #RhodesianBushWar

"To you will fall the honour of extracting the most terrible vengance": RLI passing-out ceremony at Salisbury #Rhodesia on 14 May 1976 #RhodesiaBushWar

14 May 1958: 'Committee of Public Safety' Generals' Raoul Salan and Jacques Massu, 'Comite de Vigilance' leader Leon Delbecque at Gouvernement General in Algiers #AlgerianWar via @YouTube

13 May 1976: The US issued a travel advisory for #Rhodesia, strongly advising Americans not to travel there; US movie star Jack Palance was filming 'Safari Express' at Victoria Falls #RhodesianBushWar

13 May 1978: Bishop Muzorewa, member of four-man executive council ruling #Rhodesia as part of internal settlement , speaking at a rally at Gatooma #RhodesianBushWar via @YouTube

"Will you go the end of the line to keep Algerie francaise?": on 13 May 1958, after a ceremony at the monument aux morts for the three French soldiers executed by the FLN, demonstrators storm and ransack the nearby Gouvernement-General in Algiers #AlgerianWar

SHABA II: wreckage of FAZA Zaire air force aircraft destroyed by FNLC after it captured Kolwezi airifield on the morning of 13 May 1978 #Shaba2 #Congo

13 May 1997: Government troops abandoned their last position at Bankana, 140 km east of Kinshasa; the Mbandaka massacre #FirstCongoWar

13 May 1978: A coup d'etat by mercenaries led by Bob Denard overthrew the government of Comoros, an island nation off the coast of #Mozambique

#Angola army at Cuito Cuananvale on 13 May 1988 displays for press #SouthAfrica Olifant, a modified Centurion. tank captured in March fighting #SouthAfricanBorderWar

A ferry with refugees who arrived by train from camps to the south on 12 May 1997, cross the #Congo river by ferry to Kisangani, where they were flown back to Rwanda; at least 37,000 would be airlifted by the @UN by the end of May #FirstCongoWar

12 May 1980- "None should mistake us for fools": President Godfrey Binaisa was overthrown by military coup in #Uganda

12 May 1991: A 1,000 strong Zulu impi swept into a squatter camp at Kagiso township west of Johannesburg #SouthAfrica, killing 27 people and burning down 82 homes

President Habib Bourguiba of #Tunisia at a ticker-tape parade up Broadway in NYC on 11 May 1961 during his week-long visit to the United States #AlgerianWar

11 May 1978- "You must do it at the moment it gets out of hand": RF Pik Botha defends the timing of the Cassinga #Angola incursion #SouthAfricanBorderWar

11 May 1987: A TV set booby-trapped by CCB special forces to kill an ANC offical in Maputo #Mozambique instead exploded in Harare, #Zimbabwe killing a civilian and destroying the apartment

11 May 1994: RPA rebel leader Paul Kagame meeting with @UN Force Commander General Romeo Dallaire and U.N High Commissioner for Human Rights Jose
Ayala Lasso in Byumba, 40km north of Kigali #Rwanda #Kwibuka27 via @YouTube

Sierra Leone soldiers and militia near Waterloo on outskirts of Freetown on 11 May 2000; the RUF advance on the capital had been halted but rebels still held over 500 @UN soldiers hostage #SierraLeoneCivilWar

SADF soldier Johan van der Mescht, captured by SWAPO at Elundu 6 km from #Angola in February 1978, was exchanged along with eight others on 11 May 1982 in Berlin for Soviet agent Aleksei Koslov #SouthAfricanBorderWar

11 May 1978- SHABA II: thousands of FNLC guerrillas crossed the border from #Angola and #Zambia into Zaire, now #Congo, in second invasion in 14 months #Shaba2

The anniversary of the passing of white-rule in #SouthAfrica into history is an oppurtunity to reflect on its leadership in Poll No 3. Who was the most effective white South African leader?

10 May 2019- "Heroes sacrificed for reckless tourists": Two French soldiers were killed during a hostage rescue in northern Burkina Faso #BurkinaFaso

Tobacco auction in Salisbury #Rhodesia, the largest Tobacco-selling center in the world, on 10 May 1965; with threat of a tobacco embargo, it was said UDI was held off till the tobacco crop was sold in October

10 May 1976- "There will be no peace in #Angola": Jonas Savimbi, the Long March and the River Cuanza Manifesto #AngolanCivilWar

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