Stories, Shadows & Dust

Stories, Shadows & Dust is a movie by Garrett Eriksen

The film Stories, Shadows & Dust was created as part of Garrett Eriksen’s dissertation, & although it was not intended to be presented as a stand alone film, it is a complete work that can be watched by itself.  The link to the movie includes an article on PTSD, & signposts to further information outside the movie for anyone who would like to know more.


The film is a non fiction piece about the experiences of servicemen during the South African bush war.   Subtitles outline the context of the war, & appear between live footage that was taken during the era.

A group of ex-servicemen are interviewed individually & they give their personal account of what their army days meant to them.


Topics covered include

The fear & drama of war

Injuries & deaths

How they felt about the cause they were fighting for

How they have coped since the war

Changes in public opinion

Thoughts around National Service

Important because….

There is not a lot material available on this subject.  These wars are considered unpopular by many today, but regardless of whether you consider them to be justified or not, they are a part of history that consumed the youth of many young men.  Most of our world is currently at war, & there are lessons to be learned by the past.

The piece is well researched & nicely put together.  I used it in an article on PTSD , but am linking to it from here too so that anyone interested in movies about this period are able to find it.

If you would like to watch the film, please click   STORIES SHADOWS & DUST  It will open on the article – The movie is found towards the bottom of the page.

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