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October 20, 2021

Rhodesian Film Archives

greenandwhiteThere is a great collection of material that is free to view from the Rhodesian Film Archives.


My opinion:

Impressive!  There is a lot of material to go through.  I have watched all of the videos and they play perfectly on my laptop, not HD, so they will play well on any device – High speed broadband not required.


Bookmark.  This is a large amount of media, and I am sure you will be back a few times.   My subscribers can find them through here, tap your email address in the top link and you can’t go wrong – No spam, ever.

They have a shop, and can provide a licence to use the material if required.  I have not done this because this post is for information, & points you to the official hosting site.  Viewing is free.  If you want to re-use, there is no need to steal, ask the newrbc   for a licence.

I have listed the available titles below for your convenience. Brilliant site, enjoy your walk down Memory Lane, or take a look at what was broadcast for you ancestors to view.

Rhodesian Films Titles Available – Click any green link or here , sit back & hit play.


Matenja Camp

Alfred Beit Bridge Opening Chirundu

Land of Rhodes

Suddenly a city

Southern Africa in 70’s

World of Thomas Baines

Valley Batonka



Golden Dawn

The Face of Rhodesia


Every Living Thing

Independence Day 1967

Rhodesian Kaleidoscope

The Kariba Story

Portrait of a Lake

Land of Legend


Operation Noah 1

Operation Noah 2

Operation Noah 3

On Tour

Pathe News Kariba

Pathe News UDI

Sterling Pioneers

Portrait of Africa

Rhodesian Rendezvous

Rod and Reel

Rhodesian Roundup 1966

Rhodesian Roundup 1967

Rhodesian Roundup 1970

Rhodesian Roundup 1972

Rhodesian Roundup 1973

Return to the Wild

Salisbury’s 75th Anniversary

Rhodesian Symphony

What a Time

Whither Africa

Top Gear

Wish you were Here

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3 Responses “Rhodesian Film Archives”

  1. Carol Blackman
    October 21, 2017 at 4:25 am

    Hi David, I was in a TTC recruiting film in 1968 . I was wondering if by any chance you spotted anything like that in your viewing?

  2. jean mcbride
    October 20, 2017 at 12:07 am

    thanks for the memories

    • October 21, 2017 at 8:52 pm

      Hi Jean, thanks for your comment. It lovely to know that the site is useful 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to drop me a line 🙂 Best wishes..

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