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November 25, 2020

Rhodesian Bush War Films

Rhodesian Bush War Films of the Era

Rhodesian Bush War films are typically set between 1965 & 1979. Many are out of circulation but may be found as used items on your favourite buying site. TIP: If you are looking for something specific, set an alert to notify you when it’s listed on your favourite online market place. Some are available free of charge on video sharing platforms because they are no longer in circulation & might be made available for fair use or because they are in the public domain.

  • Albino (Whispering Death)


Released in 1976, Albino was very topical & quickly reached cult status with the Rhodesian public. Terrick, a police officer (BSAP) is about to take early retirement, get married & settle on his farm. Terrorists attack his farm. One, an albino known as Whispering Death,  rapes then murders Terrick’s fiancée. Terrick & his farm workers led by Katchemu set about avenging this tragedy.

Terrick plans an ambush for the terrorist after receiving intel that he is meeting villagers to recruit / politicise them. The plan fails when shots are fired prematurely & civilians are injured. The government requires Terrick to account for his actions – People died, & the failed ambush caused tensions between the state & villagers during a sensitive time.

The manhunt is initially carried out by Terrick’s colleagues who sympathise with him, & would rather search for the albino guerrilla. A crack army unit