Rhodesian Air Force Operations

Rhodesian Air Force Operations

Rhodesian Air Force Operations – A book by Preller Geldenhys. Information & purchases come from the author profile on a 3rd party website. The book is described as follows –

NEW, Revised edition.

This book (based on the eBook format) records the operations of the Rhodesian Air Force. It includes some of the more significant air strikes carried out as well as maps where most of these strikes have been meticulously plotted.The maps are black and white. The author has produced a comprehensive account of the Air Force role in the 1965 – 1980 war in Rhodesia – Zimbabwe.

The work includes one of the most detailed summaries of Rhodesian military operations to have been published. In this respect, it serves as an excellent work of reference to those historians and collectors of militaria. It is a book that fills in much detail. To the very end, the Air Force kept up its valiant task of securing the airspace for the troops, the BSAP, the farmers and industry. All in all, this is a highly readable, extremely detailed account of the Air Force’s part in the war against terrorism. One reviewer commented “The author’s personal experience leaps from every page,¬†producing a fascinating memoir.¬†

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