South African Bush War Films

South African Bush War Films


Films or movies set during the South African Bush / South African Border War / Angolan Bush War

At Thy Call – Links to the movie by Chrisopher-Lee dos Santos :Fictional South African army film set during the bush war. Cinematography Jean du Plessis. Watch the movie or read the synopsis. This South African army film is set in 1984. The South African Bush War/ Border or Angolan War is in it’s 18th year.  National Service is compulsory for white males who receive their “call up” papers the year they turn sixteen.  To refuse can mean six years imprisonment.

Stories, Shadows & Dust – Links to the movie by Garrett Eriksen. The film Stories, Shadows & Dust was created as part of Garrett Eriksen’s dissertation, & although it was not intended to be presented as a stand alone film, it is a complete work that can be watched by itself.  The link to the movie includes an article on PTSD, & signposts to further information outside the movie for anyone who would like to know more.  The film is a non fiction piece about the experiences of servicemen during the South African bush war. Subtitles outline the context of the war, & appear between live footage that was taken during the era. A group of ex-servicemen are interviewed individually & they give their personal account of what their army days meant to them.

 Credits: Film credits appear in the articles via the links. Photo credit is Smikect via Creative Commons Lic