Zimbabwean Film Mugabe & the Democrats Unbanned

Zimbabwean Film- Mugabe & the Democrats – Unbanned


A documentary film, The Democrats, was banned in Zimbabwe shortly after it was filmed. The Zimbabwe High Court lifted the ban a few days ago.

The movie was made in the chaos & violence that followed the 2008 elections. This election was strongly disputed. The documentary film. a movie by a Danish filmmaker (Camilla Nielsson), explored the constitution making process in the country. It took years to make, & even longer to get it off the banned list.

The people of Zimbabwe are now able to watch this movie legally. IT has been made available on the Hope TV YouTube channel under a Creative Commons Licence. I am including in our film section as it is offered for reuse, & because people who the film was made for should be able to watch it.

I do not know whether the film will have the same impact now that it may have had years ago, but hopefully, the lifting of the ban signals a time of greater freedoms for the people of Zim.

The Democrats – Zimbabwean Film (Documentary)


Lawyers regard the lifting of the ban as a great win for the people of Zim. Let’s hope the movie proves to be worth the wait. Originally released internationally 2015, & now available locally.

Credits: The credits & attributions are found in the film itself. The stated license is CC Attribution