African Lament

An African Lament

Altered Africa


Woe when a crown becomes a wreath

On the graves of the extinct

What roamed above is now beneath

A continent indistinct


The majestic lion that roared so proud

Vanished one night, without a sound

The strong and mighty elephant herd

Was scattered one day by an angry word


Their blood is in your sunset

That stains your mountains with regret

Lamenting in tears of acid rain

The fate of those that died in vain


Rise up-O rulers of this crumbling land

Your jungles have turned to stone and sand

With an ancient, ancestral potion

Perhaps you can reverse the motion &

Evoke by some forgotten magic,

What was so powerful, and is now just tragic

Copyright 1998        Donna Clarke

© - Respect copyright - You may link freely to this content

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