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June 28, 2022

Film & Books

Art of white rule Africa – Why?

Media from pre-democracy Africa is limited. This page aims to help signpost to films and books set in “white rule” Africa.  I use quotation marks here because although this era is often referred to using this terminology there was often some structure that included an element of power-sharing. Where these structures did exist, they were often symbolic and always non-inclusive. While Pre-democratic Africa would probably be a more accurate term, it is still the least used.

This page further aims to signpost to media associated with this time, both fictional and not fictional, that was written later on.

Warning!  If you are here looking for hate or racist material you are in the wrong place.

Rhodesian Air Force Operations

Rhodesian Air Force Operations

Rhodesian Air Force Operations Rhodesian Air Force Operations - A book by Preller Geldenhys. Information & purchases come from the ...
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Propaganda in Africa & Elsewhere Propaganda as a weapon of war is well documented. It's use against Joe Citizen is ...
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Zimbabwean Film Mugabe & the Democrats Unbanned

Zimbabwean Film- Mugabe & the Democrats - Unbanned A documentary film, The Democrats, was banned in Zimbabwe shortly after it was ...
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Rhodesian Books

Rhodesian Books

Rhodesian Books - Written in or about Southern Rhodesia or Rhodesia Amazon purchases may earn a small commission to support ...
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Durban Library

South African Books

South African Books Books written in or about (mainly pre 1994) South Africa  Headings are links to articles or sources ...
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Rhodesian War Films

Rhodesian Bush War Films

Rhodesian Bush War Films of the Era Rhodesian Bush War films are typically set between 1965 & 1979. Many are ...
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South African Bush War Films

South African Bush War Films Films or movies set during the South African Bush / South African Border War / ...
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Stories, Shadows & Dust

Stories, Shadows & Dust is a movie by Garrett Eriksen The film Stories, Shadows & Dust was created as part ...
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Flame the movie Bush War film review

Flame the movie is a Zimbabwean film set during the Bush War A work of fiction, based loosely on the ...
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Rhodesian Film Archives

There is a great collection of material that is free to view from the Rhodesian Film Archives. My opinion: Impressive! ...
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Last days of British Rule in India – Indian Summers DVD

Films about the last days of British rule in India The last days of British Rule in India have been ...
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African Lament

An African Lament Altered Africa Woe when a crown becomes a wreath On the graves of the extinct What roamed ...
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At Thy Call – A South African Army film

At Thy Call is a fictional South African army film set during the bush war. Credits:  by Christopher-Lee dos Santos, ...
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While some material will inevitably include views, language, views and other sensitive components that marked the times, the aim is to provide information and links to media that was either made in or set during this era in our history.  Please consider this when viewing any of the linked material.

Views expressed in any linked media are not necessarily those of the Webmaster.


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  1. August 4, 2018 at 2:17 pm

    Hi Preller,
    Added. Please correct as required? I used the content & pic from the link you provided. Let me know if this looks ok?
    Kind regards,

  2. August 4, 2018 at 4:53 am

    May I please post my ‘Rhodesian Air Force Operations’ book on this page – the link is:-

    • August 4, 2018 at 12:32 pm

      With pleasure. If you have anything else of interest that is a good fit, let me know 🙂

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