Cathy from Port Elizabeth

A white British immigrant growing up in South Africa

The Casual Observer is one of the few blogs that I follow. There are some brilliant blogs out there, but times is few….. As such, I limit my alerts to blogs that consistently interest or entertain. Today’s read ticked both boxes for me. I decided to link to the post so that you can read it too.

Cathy James 

This short, pictorial account held my attention because Cathy James is close to my age, UK born & a child immigrant to South Africa. Her experience mirrors my own & many others. From the ship, the Coke float & right on through to the nuns at the school – It’s all there.  This story could mine or the story of many people who I know. 

You can read the story of Cathy James & her experience of growing up in Port Elizabeth by clicking here or on the image below.


If you have a story to share, tell me.

Facts about Port Elizabeth

  • Port Elizabeth is a city in the Eastern Cape.
  • British settlers founded the town in 1820 with the aim of strengthening the then Cape Colony border with the Xhosa. The purpose of this buffer was to protect precious grazing land which was highly prized by both sides.
  • The image above shows the monument commemorating the event.
  • It is known throughout South Africa as “The Windy City”
  • Named by the acting Governor of the Cape Colony, after his wife
  • The city is linked to the death of Steve Biko. The activist was arrested in P E in August 1977. His later death in Pretoria was likely caused by injuries sustained while in custody in PE.


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