About Me

First of all a big THANK YOU!  

If you have been directed here because you have made a donation to my site, then I thank you for your kindness & generosity.  I spend a lot of time looking after my sites, so you will never know how much a donation means to me.  It will be used towards things like:

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Perhaps most of all, it validates my time & effort & THAT makes me dance with joy – It also removes some of the pressure to advert jam pages with noisy pop ups in the hope that it might raise me some pennies.

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My mum says that you cannot throw bread onto the water without it coming back to you.  Perhaps another person will, in turn,  help you towards building or achieving one of your dreams.

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If you really want to know a bit more about me, keep reading. 

About Me

Writing has always been cathartic for me.  I got into hosting websites far too late in life.  The technology is certainly a lot easier than it once was, but I do struggle when things change & I learn a bit more every day.  Of course, I promptly forget most of it, but sometimes my brain retains a little.  

Having grown up in South Africa with regular visits to the UK, I was often bewildered by the general perception that my UK family had about white Africans.  Otherwise open-minded people seemed to assume that white Africans were  Mini-Me Hitler clones  -Just with swimming pools & whips.  

Call me fortunate, or even Annie,  but I saw people like any others. They went about their lives, paid their bills, played when time & budget allowed, attended church & helped out the needy if they could.  Some were nasty, but the vast majority of my friends, buddies, work colleagues & neighbours were pretty damn amazing.

Later I discovered that the wider world had similar opinions about white people in India & other ex-colonies everywhere. This seemed stranger still when I learnt that most whites had originally been sent to these continents by  European governments anyway.

European states wrote the laws, built the infrastructures & societies created & named these countries.  On packing up & leaving, they left the resident whites behind,  then turned up their noses & started gossiping.  

Shouldering little to no responsibility for the states (forgive the pun) they left behind, residual resident whites often had no option but to stay where they were because they no longer qualified for Citizenship in the lands of their ancestors.  Many stayed on by choice as they had lost contact with extended family abroad & couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

This site was born from that idea.  I thought it might be good  to write about the small things that make up the fabric of a society – Anything that might interest white Africans or those  interested in the culture.   

After finishing school in SA, wrote for a small newspaper, The Durban Mirror.  I left because I started a family, & the life of a writer is insecure in terms of time, deadlines, childcare & income.  I repped for a frozen food company, travelling throughout Zululand, then for the Breweries.  After moving to the UK, the kids (finally!) left home, & now seemed a good time to get the rusty writing wheels out of the shed & see what happened.  


Although I do work, the jobs are minimum wage, but worth it because I can do them from home.  I would love to move to writing & maintaining my websites full-time, but it is tricky to get started & build a base.  Time & money are interchangeable, so I am at the place right now where I would like to earn my bread doing something I enjoy (in that cussin’ kind of way)

What else can I tell you about myself?  I love sunlight & storms, music & the sound of a cheering crowd.  I dislike cruel people, especially bullies.  Dogs & pets generally make me smile, as do birds – Even the fat city feathered winged things.

Please let me know if there is anything on the site that you like, hate or think should be here.  It is a work in progress, & I hope you find something here that you enjoy.