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A collection of links & resources – everyday Rhodesian life.

You can read all the history books you like, & but the blood, guts & humour of any nation are treasures held only by its everyday people.

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When I was a When-We    The sub-title reads – Rhodesia, the way it was, the way we spoke, the way we lived. It is a candid account of a white guy’s experiences during his life as a Rhodesian, & at times humorous, sad, hilarious & bitter/sweet.  Contains some adult content

More ADULT stories – Language alert. Expect swearing.

We Killed Snakes then – We killed snakes in Africa in the 1960’s, many still do.  Now, many of us know that the ecosystem is fragile & snakes have had a bad press, but things were simpler back then.

Night Raid – A story from central Africa & the Last of the Rhodesians

Rhodesian Postage Stamps – Before email & text messages there were stamps…

Rhodesian Recipes – Biltong, Bobotie, Boerewors, Cape Brandy Pudding, Guinea Fowl, Koeksusters, Melk Tart, Peri Peri Chicken, Sosaties, Mutton Curry, Rusks…..

Mike Boardman interview 2009 – Annie Berry interview in 2009. Mr Boardman answers questions in the UK about his experience of Rhodesia (focus on the 70s)

War StoriesRhodesia, Zimbawe & South African

Headlines : Breaking News

1973Zambia Gunfire Kills Two Canadians – 15 May

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