Dylann Storm ROOF incident

I, like many, was shocked and horrified when I saw this on the news. These senseless acts of violence are on the increase, and this is cause for deep worry and concern.

It is very sad that this individual, born years after and having no known connections to either Rhodesia or South Africa has referenced both of these countries in his hate filled rhetoric following the recent tragic murders in South Carolina.

There has been an immediate response from many Rhodesian and South African individuals and organisations.

The Rhodesian Services Association Incorporated sent out this statement to their subscribers yesterday.  In this document they question whether Mr Roof would have chosen the Rhodesian flag at all had he known that 80% of the Rhodesian Security Forces were black.  The overwhelming reaction now though is one of deep sadness, shock and sympathy for families and friends who have been affected by this horrific incident.

I add my voice to that of  The Rhodesian Services Association Incorporated when they say, “Our heartfelt sympathies go to the victims and families of those affected by this senseless act.”