Don’t Sell a Lie for Votes

Don’t Sell a Lie for Votes – AKA MR RAMAPHOSA –

AKA President x or PM Y

News is trickier to untangle than my crochet wool. Surface news, fake news & 3 mystic triplets that may or not run the world got a bit much I just switched off. It’s hard living in a cocoon. Despite best efforts, sometimes news gets in. I remember when information was delivered on television –  read by a living mannequin at 6pm. These days, information arrives from everywhere – Like a machine gun, on rapid fire.

When something big happens, it’s usually expected,crazy, sad, maddening – & inescapable & repetitive.

There’s a new trend. The 1st & 3rd worlds are a lot less different than they once were. Pushing aside roads, hospitals & power grids for a moment there’s been a shift. Right Wing parties have moved to the Right Middle & the Middle Left parties have been shoved into the Far Left. They have thrived. Parties can literally organise a party or a march on Facebook or Twitter in moments. NGO’s join in. Huge groups of people choose the party they’ll back on one or two promises that matter, & it’s game on. 

That doesn’t really matter – Left or Right are almost always both wrong – What does matter is the absence of manners. Political parties essentially aim for the same thing. Votes. Homework has told them what you want to hear. Parties simply pick their seasonal promises (or lies?)

Citizens are frustrated (we won’t go into the reasons for this right now) & want to vent. A difference of opinion happens & then IT happens –  The swearing, marching, flag waving & insults that were once Free Speech.

Everyday people support the party they think might help them best. They WANT to find or keep their home / job / neighbourhood, educate their children fill the supermarkets with cheap food & – Save an endangered species (or the NHS). Everyday people are the people. They are us. We can turn tribal without warning. One point to argue over, & your support for the Purple party makes you the enemy of my children. Only a thick, a wastoid & non-entity would support a party that aims to limit my fishing quota or access to wild areas in winter. Actually, you are evil & it’s my duty to convert or annihilate you. Pass my camera & keyboard. My attack might remain electronic – Until it doesn’t. 

Don Clarke’s note popped up on my screen – it made sense. It came with a song that scared the hell outta me. A line from the tune keeps leaping into my head so I am writing this in the hope that something sweet takes its place. #Don’t sell a lie for votes ….

Don says,  “Recently a friend of mine, Diana Loughor-Clarke, sent me a very interesting article written by the CEO of the Institute of Race Relations, an organization I really respect. He is an astute political observer by the name of Frans Cronje, and amongst many other things he said: “The crisis is not far off now, the government is hurtling towards it – and South Africa will be in near catastrophic social, economic, and political peril within a few short years. I cannot guarantee you that we will win, but I can tell you that we will fight; as hard as we can, until there is nothing left, so that we know we did all we could. And you must fight now, too, so that you will know that you did not just walk quietly away into the night. But I can guarantee you that if you do not fight, this is a battle you will lose.” This caught me in a delicate mood in the early hours of morning, so I took up my guitar, and within about 20 minutes this little folk song was delivered to me. It’s is the only way I can fight, but my biggest fear is that President Ramaphosa is playing a very dangerous game by making promises about free land in the hopes of attracting votes in the forthcoming elections.. Promises which in most cases are impossible and impractical to achieve, and could well result in anarchy, fire and bloodshed. My message to Mr Ramaphosa is very clear; think long and hard, rise above the warlords and dance upon the deep. Peace!”

Then he sings …

I hope it scares the hell out of you just enough for you to pause, catch your breath & just check that newsflash again. It might be telling you something else between the stuff you want to hear – & it just might want you to go tribal with your banners & marching. Yip, Cat – While the sinners sin, the children play – Because they are kept occupied. Maybe the voting age could even be lowered ..Youth enjoy waving flags. 

Cheers for providing my article, Don. You are a real gentleman. I’ll edit it tomorrow, unless something new happens. Meantime, I just want to check which MP is promising to force my employer to give me a raise. Won’t be long, they’re all on Twitter… It is still good to be informed, isn’t it?

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