Culture Cues

Culture is Good. Nationalism is Bad. 

Now you have caught up on your culture cues ….It’s all change. Culture risks becoming CULT – YOUR. (or Your Cult – for people who speak languages that run in straight lines). Diverse cultures were often misunderstood. This caused problems until cultures blended. Many forgot their root cultures for a while. Some want to re-link with them. In my diverse household, there’s always one of us that shares one culture’s point of view. Of course, the rest of us disagree & the banter begins. 

Upping the Anti

Anti-nationalist opinion changes have had unexpected consequences that risk chucking the baby out with the bath water – Like most swings in social opinion, ideas start off meaning well, gain momentum, then just get boring. They end up going a tad to far – causing the pendulum to swing in the opposite Pause – Repeat. The pendulum becomes a sickle, severing any opinions that might differ & killing conversation – Never good for dinner parties. We need sanity to maintain a social life that allows actual conversation because therein lies the secret of great food. 


My heart was lightened when I read this. It’s not even anonymous (novel in the days) It’s not African. That’s ok, we are all Global Citizens now – Especially those who were born in countries that no longer exist. The land mass is still there, but some of us still have a bit of a thing for the flag that flew over the place of our birth. This sentiment is not political – it’s kinda an identity thing at best, an ego thing at worst.

More & more people are experiencing this phenomenon as the winds of change have evolved into a hurricane – Besides, weren’t all our ancestors African? 

Either way, I am raising a glass to the lovely & talented Ariaa Jaeger for this one – For making me think.

It hasn’t happened for a while. No need. The media do it for me & with so much style & flair. 

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