Northern Rhodesia – Gerry Pinckney

Northern Rhodesia : Oh my country

Northern Rhodesia oh my country – you gave me so much. You gave me friends in abundance-both young and old, an education in life for which I am ever grateful.

The things we did and places we went  –

I have seen the building of and fished at Kariba Dam, our week-end outings to the Congo, the Great North Road, Abercorn, Lake Tanganyika, water skiing on various dams, the Kafue River, hot springs, up the Solwize Road. Week-end outings to Rodwins Resort, and numerous places where I have been and the things I did all have to go untold.

I am grateful for the life I experience that you gave me in the early years and not of today. I had a childhood filled with the joys of being young in a wild and developing land. Thanks to my parents for taking the plunge and going to a un known land, my life has been filled with excitement and adventures.

I have lived through U.D.I. the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, the launching of the first satellites, the landing on the moon, the introduction of computers ,T/V, E/Mail, cell phones and much more .

I have so many memories – So many faces, places, and many things come to mind – To mention them all I can not do.  

The gathering of friends and the listening to L.M Radio – Juke Box music of the time while sipping floats off all kinds.

Sometimes you made me mad and sometimes sad and at times you even made me cry.

O land of the rising and setting sun, land of beauty, land of fun – All those memories come flooding back to me and are imprinted in my mind and on my heart.

As I think of those still to come I wonder, “Will they have so much fun?”
Gerry Pinckney.

Gerry Pinckney posted his thoughts on the Last of the Rhodesians Group. He kindly permitted me to share his post. Pic is Public Domain