Factions & Frictions

Elections & Exits

South Africa’s first fully democratic elections took place this week in 1994. The last white majority government in Africa took its place in history. I remember the excitement, the expectation, the fear & the rumours of fraud & foul play that accompanied it.

Fast forward 23 years, & Brexit has caused a replay of those same old emotions – Just on Mud Island this time. Different continent, different country, same human reaction. There are those who are exhilarated at the thought of regaining sovereignty they believe was sold for a song – (OK, cheap flights, mobile calls & cheese as well) Others, in the melting pot that is the population of the United Kingdom, feel less enthusiastic about the future.

(from) an Irishman living in the UK

Hello all, it is with great fear/ trepidation I write this. I have never put myself forward in such a way to invite scorn/ contempt/ praise. I am an Irish man who has worked in Australia/ Isle of Man/ Luxembourg/ Scotland/ England and of course in Ireland. Enjoyed them all to varying degrees lol.

To put some focus on this piece let me tell you I obtained a degree in economics from the London school of Economics (in economics) and have worked in various international banks. However, it is my time in London that I want to bring into particular focus.

I have never experienced such an eye-opening multicultural experience like I have experienced here. From local shops to the NHS to friends and neighbours I have been amazed by the quality and cohesion of the society. Until the Brexit referendum, that is. 

Since the Brexit vote,  I have been shocked and appalled by the nationalist/racist attitudes towards foreigners who both staff and fund the NHS. So much so that Maggie Thatcher light (aka Mrs May) may now gain a majority in the upcoming snap election that she promised not to call.

Is this the UK people want and yearn for? In my heart and head, I know it’s not. 

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