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November 27, 2020

Tribal Thoughts

Irish Zimbabwe

Irish Zimbabwe Diaspora

The Irish diaspora is something that I simply hadn’t thought much about until today, let alone the Irish Zimbabwe diaspora. We are creatures of habit, and I suppose the UK media focus on the African diaspora just made it possible to overlook the obvious fact that Irish migration was so widespread at one time that

Piet’s Brawn Recipe

African Cooking, like all cuisine, is a combination of flavours brought in by settlers and travellers from all over the world – And which ingredients were available. One man’s kitchen is another man’s kennel – Said nobody but me, ever. African cooking Brawn has many versions, This is Piet’s. Want to support our site from



Our great white tribe is actually small, and not THAT white, often misunderstood, always under (if ever) represented. We are an archive of stories that will never be told.


Before Lockerbie and 9/11 – The Silence was Deafening

The murder of civilians by Nkomo’s terrorists and the failure of the world to condemn aviation war crimes continues to baffle reason. The continuing unacceptable hush was dubbed “The Deafening Silence” by the Reverend Da Costa in a Memorial Service. The fate of RH 827 followed similar circumstances to the to that of Air Rhodesia Flight 825 which was

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