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October 4, 2022

Protest in Zimbabwe

Protest in Zimbabwe – Black-Armband to This Flag

The Zimbabwe National Cricket team is playing New Zealand in Bulawayo tomorrow. Ahead of this, the #thisflag protest that has gathered momentum is calling for action.


Pastor Evan Mawarire, the originator of the current protest remembered the Black-Armband protest of Andy Flower & Henry Olonga during the 2000-2001 cricket season, & encouraged protest at the game tomorrow.


The anti-government protest tomorrow is against corruption, injustice & poverty. Pastor Mawarire explained in his recent video on social media that Andy Flower & Henry Olonga staged one of the first protests during a cricket game.  Tomorrow, he would like to pay honour to the guys who started that first protest & to build upon the momentum of Zimbabweans everywhere who are protesting against this government everywhere & saying, “enough is enough, we don’t want our country to be trashed anymore”

He calls specifically for people to

  • Attend the cricket game
  • Take the Zimbabwean flag along
  • When the 36th over starts, stand up & sing the National Anthem


The 36 over symbolises the 36 years of an oppressive government that citizens claim does not listen to its own people. Many now feel that the time has come to make government listen using peaceful protest.  Pastor Mawarire says that people cannot be shut up nor arrested for singing the National Anthem.

He warns that ZBC will turn their cameras away, but encourages people to go forward as the protest will be broadcast worldwide via the international news coverage of the game.

News about protests in Zimbabwe has never flowed freely. News from Rhodesia was restricted during the war. The end of the war never brought the freedom of press & speech that citizens living in a democracy take for granted everywhere else in the  world. Times have changed, & Pastor Evan Mawarire has leveraged social media to drive the current campaign. Nothing happens too far from a camera or camera ‘phone these days.

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