Best CBD Oil UK – a Wake-Up Call to War Weapon

Why would I be looking at CBD oil at all – let alone searching for the best CBD oil UK side? Well, that’s one story I’m ready to tell you now.

Rhodesians Never Die – But they can complain

Legend (and John Edmond) decree that Rhodesians Never Die. Some, however, do suffer from gout on occasion. My pet Rhodie (T) has had it periodically for some time and it’s the only thing that has ever got him to shove a tablet down his throat. Bags of frozen peas have their limitations, but colchicine pills work quicker – Even if they taste worse than the anti-malaria pills of old.

Bitter Pill to Swallow

A few thousand pills into things, the doctor decided that he needed to do a blood test before prescribing more of the little white pills. It seems they can hammer the kidneys. Gout hurts, apparently. It hurt my Rhodie enough to get him to present his well-bangled arm to the surgery nurse who extracted the required fluid. A pint of blood to solve a sore toe is a bargain in any man’s book.

The blood test results came back and declared that gout aside, the Rhodesian blood in my house has cancer. Symptoms? Fatigue, a few lumps and bumps and other general pains that he had put down to a life well lived.

Consultant Says

The Consultant said that the cancer is incurable, but treatable and suggested eight months of chemotherapy. Something about chemo makes me cringe, so after some haggling, they agreed to try only one single agent called Rituximab. The clever people said this single agent drug had some effect for Stage One and sometimes Stage Two cancer – But that it had little chance of making any difference for Stage Four cancer. So, Rituximab it was – Mainly because the name made me cringe less than the recommended cocktail of drugs.

I hit Google

I researched the cancer and I read lots of hype. CBD oil attracted my attention. It had mixed reviews, but I knew it would be easier to get T to put drops under his tongue than to try a ground coffee bean enema – Cancer concerns or not, he can be so finicky at times.


The Rituximab infusions happened in December when T was on leave from work. He also started taking CBD oil and chewing on RealFoodSource Almonds, Whole & Natural (1kg) (Marlene says they are good and she doesn’t lie).

When you are faced with mortality, you will try anything. I tried a number of CBD oils (there are plenty to choose from) but I wanted something better than good. I needed the best. This is a war.


I headed for the health shop and tried the one brand they have available. It seems alright and the price was good. It was on a good deal, anyway. I looked around for other options. CBD1 is the best I have found yet. It’s not on every high street.

Post-treatment Checkup

The first checkup in March said that the tumours inside his spleen and other organs have remained the same size (no bigger is good, but smaller would have been better) but that his bloodwork was much improved. Result! Next checkup is set for three months time.

Ritux, Almonds, CBD oil and Reiki

I’m wondering whether the Rituximab is useful for Stage Four blood cancer – Or whether there really is something in either the CBD oil or the almonds that have helped slow things down.

Are your nodes showing?

Guys, if your lymph nodes are visible, get them checked out.

What ails YOU?

If you have any ailments, let me know if you’ve tried CBD oil? Has it helped? In my experience so far, it’s easier to get an anti-pill popper to take than other possible remedies because …. It isn’t a pill. It has made T feel better, and to be honest, at this point, I don’t care whether it’s benefits are psychological or otherwise “real”, it’s helped, my guy.

He started taking it for blood cancer, and I hope it’s helping. One thing that I do know is that since T has been taking it, he’s stopped taking bicarb and lemon for heartburn because he doesn’t get that anymore.

What’s your experience? Have you tried it?

In addition to the almonds and the CBD oil, Reiki Master, Gail, has also been sending distance Reiki healing. If you want to try this from a distance and without having to go and see someone, let me know and I’ll put you in touch.

If you do use CBD oil in the UK, CBD1 has been the best for us so far. My stepson in South Africa makes his own with a carrier oil, but they are touchy about some chemcials in the UK. Legislation has been passed to allow cannabis to be prescibed for certain conditions, but the medical team this side of the pond aren’t convinced. You still have to go to Amsterdam if you want to get (legally) high – But there might just be something in these little brown bottles.

The CBD1 has been best for us because –

  • They are the only company in the UK currently packaging oils into 1ml and 5ml options, with a tester pack featuring 1ml of each strength of oil we produce.
  • Their CBD Oils are full spectrum phytocannabinoid rich, vegan-friendly, gluten-free and 100% organic.


CBD1 have nice hype. They say rather than shout that:

CBD Oil works differently for everyone by stimulating your Endocannabinoid System (regulates functions such as sleep, immune-system responses and pain), which in turn can help with pain relief, muscle fatigue, anxiety, stomach problems, skin conditions and much more.


As this is a food supplement we cannot make any medical claims but we encourage people to look into the huge number of positive experiences people are having by using our products

We’ve kept them as an advertiser so the site gets a small comm if you buy from our link. We could use any advertiser and are only using them because we like them.

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4 thoughts on “Best CBD Oil UK – a Wake-Up Call to War Weapon

  1. May I suggest a look at where one may find a greater variety of CBD products. I have just started using hash tea for lower back pain (have had it for a few years). I’m giving it more time, because I’m not sure of its efficacy …. it seems almost unbelievable.

  2. Very interesting, and very kind of you to share this. Thank you. I am waiting for my moment to introduce this to the man – But it already feels empowering – Like there is something else we can use to fight back with. Best regards, Donna

  3. Your pet Rhodie (T) should try the Wim Breathing technique – very quick and easy to learn. It gives the fluid around all cells a higher O2 saturation. Think about it – we are over 95% water. Higher O2 at negative charge conserved throughout the body is going to cure anything except Liberalism.

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