April in South Africa

April in South Africa: Easter: Splashy: Freedom Day

If you missed the Easter service (or any other), you can catch up here. Derek delivers an on-line service from Northern Ireland (via Facebook Live) every Sunday at 1.30pm.

Splashy & Freedom Day

Don Clarke performed many of his songs at Splashy this year. The current mood for change in South Africa reminded me of an earlier time. In 1986 the cry for change was violent, urgent & uncompromising. Fortunately, we have learnt something over of the years. Take a listen to Sanbonani as it was performed at Splashy this year, then click here or below the video for the story of the song, & take a trip back to 1986.


Sanbonani,  the song penned by Don Clarke & performed by P J Powers is part of South African music history for those of us above a certain (


, cough) age. It’s a vibrant song of hope that evokes memories for almost anyone who lived in the only South Africa back in the 80’s. Read more: go straight to SANBONANI or browse SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC. 

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