African Inventions

African Inventions Introduction

Africans are innovative by nature, they have had to be, and yet African inventions are often overlooked and under appreciated both at home as well as abroad.

The Pioneers who moved to Africa from Europe certainly had to be innovative.  They left all they knew to cross the ocean and were met mostly with virgin bush in a land that would have seemed quite lawless in those early days.  Strange illnesses and harsh conditions met them, circumstances which were totally different from anything that had ever experienced.  These early settlers had to find ways to fend for themselves with what they could source,  and I am sure they were forced to co-operate with people they might never otherwise have given the time of day in order to survive. Resources were few, supplies were often hard to come by.  The climate was either blazing hot or freezing cold.  Terrain was harsh, transport was unreliable and hazardous.

CAT Scan invented by South African

African Inventions - CAT Scan South African born Allan M Cormack &  English Godfrey N Hounsfield won the Nobel Prize ...
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The Kayoola : Africa’s Solar-Powered Bus

Africa's solar-powered bus Africa designed and manufactured the Kayoola, its own solar-powered bus.  The first solar bus was Australia's Tindo. Uganda's own ...
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Pool Cleaners

 Africa Invented Pool Cleaners Many suburban homes and complexes in Africa have swimming pools.  This was even more true ...
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African Game Inventions

African Game Jenga The African game Jenga was created by Leslie Scott.  Although British by nationality, Scott was born in East ...
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Dolos South African Invention


The humble dolos : From South Africa to the world, with love The dolos, or dolosse (plural) was first designed ...
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Bell Equipment – Made in Africa

Bell Equipment - Invented in Empangeni, Made in Africa, Exported to the world Not that long ago, Irvine Bell used ...
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Hopefully, as this list grows, it will prove that Africa is indeed a continent of ideas and innovation, and that being an African is indeed something to be proud of.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on what else should be added.  Have you used any of these, and did you know they originated?





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